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6 Ene 2008, 9:48

Tunes of the Week Ending 6th Jan 2008

The first week of the year always strikes me of being a slow week in music. The race for the Christmas #1 is over. People have got various discs in their stockings. Some people might have gone out in the sales - but that'll be to buy albums, new single releases won't be reduced. And everyone else will be carefully watching the pennies after spending too much in December.

Furthermore, airplay will have been limited. Radio stations were too busy playing Christmas specials, reviews of the year, and extra documentaries to get many new tracks out there. So much so, that in the previous 2 weeks without a 'classic' TOTW, only three tracks came to my attention.

One was what I was sure was the Turkish entry to the Eurovision song contest. I'm told it isn't, but I'm still not too sure. Céline Dion's Eyes on Me is annoyingly catchy. It's taken its time, but it's managed to implant itself into my brain with clever ease. It's out on Monday.

A week later, we'll be able to buy the latest from The Wombats. They were one of my original TOTWs, yet haven't made an appearance since - I think I've just missed the release of their singles. Yet, with a slight Christmas link, Moving To New York has achieved enough airplay to negate that problem this time. And it very very nearly became a TOTW again.

However, there was another track that beat it. Various websites at this time of year are selecting their picks for who will be big in 2008. Both the BBC with their respected Sound of 2008 (in previous years picking out Mika, The Klaxons, The Feeling, Guillemots - they know what they're on about) and Pete Paphides in The Times have picked her out as emerging stars. I'd like therefore to point out that I've already mentioned her TOTW 4th November 2007. Adele's latest single, released on the 21st, has been on both Radios2 and 6Music for a while (and probably 1) - a sure fire indicator of success. And I like it.

Chasing Pavements

On a very many occasions, I've chosen the Radio2 Record of the Week as my Tune of the Week. Most unusually, after hearing this week's Record of the Week before it became so, I automatically decided that I liked it and shortlisted it. The Feeling do use a unique brand of cheesy pop, particularly evident in the refrain of I love it when you call. I heard an interview with Dan Gillespie when that single was released, and he said he was worried it was too cheesy. But it works. They've got a new album out in mid Feb, and I Thought It Was Over (to be released on the 8th Feb) is going to be the lead single from it. It's still fairly cheesy (particularly the 1980s video game scale at the end of the instrumental section) - but still is immensly enjoyable. I'm sure that it will be a future TOTW, after all, I've got plenty long enough to make it so before release date. And it would have easily been so this week. If it wasn't for this:

I was susprised when I heard this on the radio as a new single (released on the 14th) from this iconic group. I didn't realise they were coming back. And yet, here's this enjoyable and catchy song. What I like about it best though is how it is still clearly classic Madness. With Suggs' voice out front, and the style of music, it couldn't be anyone else. Despite this though, it's modern, and can easily fit into the present day popcharts. A subtle re-working of the genre, and it's worked. Great that they're back.


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