Temas (11)
Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
A Blue Print Of Something Never Finished (Dave Bazaan of Pedro the Lion) 4:37 1
Attitudes of Collapse (John Atkins) 1
Cold Things Never Catch Fire (Katie Eastburn of Young People) 2:52 2
Confusing Possibilities
7:10 1
From California to Houston, On Lightspeed (Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse 2:46 1
Knock At My Door 6:07 1
On Marriage (Jen Ghetto, Mat Brooke of Carissa's Weird) 3:49 1
Seems Like Most Everything Used to Be Something Else (Pall Jenkins of Black Heart… 3:58 2
Sleeping Diagonally (Sam Beam of Iron & Wine) 2
Song of Impossible (Will Johnson of Centro-Matic) 5:32 2
Stolen Moments
3:34 1