• My 10 favorite songs of 2009

    29 Nov 2009, 18:39

    1. Just the Same But Brand New
    2. Summertime Clothes
    3. Belated Promise Ring - yeah, it counts even coming from a b-side album
    4. Nightingale / December Song
    5. Remade Horizon
    6. Marrow
    7. Bad Times
    8. Oh No
    9. Pearl's Dream
    10. I Just Want to See You Underwater

    And in my opinion the worst song this past year: She Wolf. Sorry, Shakira. I still love you despite your bad song. (and worse video)
  • Favorite tracks from artists 11-20

    22 Ene 2009, 17:23

    I enjoyed deciding which five songs I liked best from my top 10, so I figured I'd do 11-20 too.


    1. Perfect Stranger
    2. Rock Me Gently (Union St. Version)
    3. Blue Savannah
    4. Always
    5. Precious


    1. Little Red Corvette
    2. I Wanna Be Your Lover
    3. Private Joy
    4. Cream
    5. Let's Go Crazy

    The Fixx:

    1. The Flow
    2. Reach The Beach
    3. Secret Separation
    4. Sunshine In The Shade
    5. Changing

    Anne Murray: (and yes, these are very guilty pleasures)

    1. Fallin' In Love (Fallin' Apart)
    2. Call Us Fools
    3. You Never Know
    4. Time Don't Run Out On Me
    5. They Don't Call It Magic For Nothing
    And honestly, most everything from her 80's albums, which are incredibly cheesy, and sappy... but I like them

    Fleetwood Mac:

    1. Dreams
    2. Seven Wonders
    3. Brown Eyes
    4. Crystal
    5. Sara
    It's an unsuprisingly Stevie-heavy list.

    Marc Jordan:

    1. Red Desert
    2. All Show
    3. Lost Because You Can't Be Found
    4. Edge Of The World
    5. Mystery Man


    1. Rolling Thunder
    2. White Canvas
    3. The Sun Always Shines on TV
    4. Locust
    5. Solace

    The Promise Ring:

    1. The Deep South
    2. Strictly Television
    3. Suffer Never
    4. Skips A Beat (Over You)
    5. Become One Anything One Time

    Sam Roberts:

    1. Waking The Dead
    2. Bridge To Nowhere
    3. This Wreck Of A Life
    4. When Everything Was Alright
    5. Where Have All the Good People Gone (the Inhuman Condition version, which is a little longer)


    1. Like a Prayer
    2. Open Your Heart
    3. Rain
    4. Cherish
    5. Human Nature
    And for Like a Prayer I mean the original album versions.

    I hate how I've disclaimered the hell out of Anne Murray, because I try to never be embarrassed of my own taste (cause it's all pretty subjective) but yeah, in her case, I am.
  • The curse of retail music....

    8 Ene 2009, 1:56

    So I've worked retail for quite some time now, and at my place of business, the music rarely changes.. as in once in a while they'll add a new song. So the ones that have been in rotation for a while.. well... let's just say I know them. Often moreso than I want to (it's a weird feeling to know every word and note of a song but have no earthly clue what it's called or who does it)

    Well, on rare occasions I find myself reluctantly liking one of the songs,and once such song I resisted for quite awhile. I googled it and it turned out to be Carbon Leaf's Life Less Ordinary which surprised me because I picked up their album Indian Summer sometime last year though I never listened very closely. I had the song on my computer already for the last SIX months! And according to Last.fm I had listened to it twice! And I had no clue about this.

    Apparently the ability to tune out at work has a darkside.

    On the other side of it I just googled Josh Kelley's Everybody Wants You (loves you? needs you? can't remember) due to the fact that I have often remarked at work. "This is the worst song ever. I want to find the guy that wrote this awful song and punch him for unleashing it on the world". Now that I've seen the full lyrics... that feeling hasn't changed.
  • Favorite songs from my Top 10 artists

    29 Dic 2008, 18:01

    So, here are my five most favorite songs from my current top 10 artists.. which until now I hadn't given much thought to. The songs aren't listed in any other particular order.

    Kate Bush:

    1. Get Out of My House
    2. Sat in Your Lap
    3. Rocket's Tail
    4. Sunset
    5. Cloudbusting

    (I feel like I'm leaving so much out here. How can there be nothing from Never Forever?)


    1. Wrapped In Grey
    2. Easter Theatre
    3. Season Cycle
    4. Ballet for a Rainy Day
    5. Then She Appeared

    Big Country:

    1. Wonderland
    2. Close Action
    3. Where The Rose Is Sown
    4. All Of Us
    5. Porrohman

    (I love early Big Country more than I realized)


    1. All Neon Like
    2. The Dull Flame of Desire
    3. Undo
    4. Unison
    5. Sun in My Mouth

    Iron & Wine:

    1. House by the Sea
    2. Passing Afternoon
    3. Innocent Bones
    4. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
    5. Woman King

    Sufjan Stevens:

    1. He Woke Me Up Again
    2. The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!
    3. Come on! Feel the Illinoise!
    4. All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! or Forever Hold Your Peace!
    5. The Transfiguration

    Janet Jackson:

    1. Love Would Never Do (Without You)
    2. When I Think of You
    3. Come on Get Up
    4. The Pleasure Principle
    5. Lonely

    Peter Gabriel:

    1. Red Rain
    2. Come Talk To Me
    3. Sledgehammer
    4. Here Comes the Flood
    5. And Through The Wire

    Blue Öyster Cult

    1. Perfect Water
    2. Workshop of the Telescopes
    3. 7 Screaming Dizbusters
    4. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestial Intelligence)
    5. Burnin' for You

    (Interestingly enough, Imaginos is my favorite album of theirs, but I can't seem to appreciate the tracks separately, so they don't make the list)

    Jimmy Buffett:

    1. The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful
    2. Landfall
    3. Incommunicado
    4. Love And Luck
    5. Havana Daydreamin'

    This wasn't nearly as difficult as I was expecting it to be, though I had to fight the urge to only pick one song per album.
  • Life soundtrack meme

    24 May 2008, 22:27

    You know the drill, iTunes on shuffle, each song answers the question, no cheating. Blah blah.

    Opening Credits:
    I Can Take You to the Sun - awesome. That song has a great feel to it. Totally works.

    Waking Up:
    Love And Luck - best wake up song ever. every morning would start in a good mood.

    First Day At School:
    I Just Fall in Love Again - how creepy this is depends on what kind of school.

    Falling In Love:
    Chameleon Day - bout right, song's a downer.

    Fight Song:
    Bude - so ahort a fight, it doesn't even scrobble. Haha.

    Breaking Up:
    One Song for You 0 this is perfect. though, pretty much anything from that album would work.

    Warmer Climate

    Bitter Green - wow, so my life's theme is to wander aimlessly looking for my lost love? Bummer.

    Mental Breakdown:
    Niji - well, since I don't understand Japanese, I guess it makes sense. It'd be confusing, if nothing else.

    Everywhere (Cabin Crew Mix) - I can totally get behind this one.

    That's What Living Is To Me - this fits.

    Getting back together:
    Over the Rainbow - this is such a gay love song. Gotta love it.

    Day Tripper - doesn't look good for the marriage. That it's sung by Anne Murray makes it even more surreal.

    Birth of Child:
    Hey! - this doesn't bode well.

    Final Battle:
    Front Row - that would be an extremely boring fight scene....

    Death Scene:
    Do U Lie - ...but I guess if I die to this, the Alanis fight makes more sense.

    Funeral Song: Blue Suede Shoes

    End Credits: Just Like A Woman - I do not break just like a little girl! Dammit.
  • Something negative about your top 20

    8 Dic 2007, 21:53

    I really like this meme because it takes more work to come up with something you don't like about artists you love than what you do like. For me it does, at least!

    1. XTC: This might be blasphemy (no pun intended) but I really hate the song "Dear God". Not because I disagree with the message (rather the opposite) but because it's one of their most well known songs among people from the US and it's... really not that good a song. Also, because it knocked one of my favorite XTC songs, "Mermaid Smiled" off of the American version of Skylarking.

    2. Kate Bush: For all the time she spent on it, I was really expecting more from "Aerial". It's a great album, sure.. but no "Hounds of Love"

    3. Big Country: Wow, this isn't easy. I guess "Peace in Our Time" for several songs like "Everything I Need" and "In This Place" for being just plain... boring. A lot of fans hate "No Place Like Home", but at least they were trying to do something new with their sound. PIOT (Thirteen Valleys, though is a GREAT song) just sounds like a watered down version of their past work.

    4. Björk: "Volta" is kind of uneven. I don't know. I love "Volta" too. Really, that's all I got.

    5. Sufjan Stevens: Too much of "Michigan" is filler. Half the album is standout, but the rest just gets monotonous and eventually boring.

    6. Blue Öyster Cult: Really, why wasn't "Imaginos" done fully? I want those other two albums!

    7. Marc Jordan: This is probably completely beyond his control, but I hate that his earlier albums aren't available anywhere without dropping a buttload of money.

    8. Janet Jackson: Nothing she's put out has been impressive since All For You. (and that, of course, only in a fun dance pop way) Can she please just accept middle age now?

    9. Prince: Two words: Web Sheriff. Seriously, dude.. people are sharing everyone's music. Not just yours. Hiring some lame-o police academy reject to go after Pirate Bay (uselessly) is just.. pathetic.

    10. Jimmy Buffett: The schtick is getting old...? Wait, no, it never will. What am I thinking?

    11. Anne Murray: The fact that I love you, and especially your oh so awful 80's albums so much, you cheesy bitch. I'm not ashamed. Though I probably should be.

    12. Fleetwood Mac: The album "Time".

    13. 小松彩夏: That she doesn't have an actual album? Actually, I hate that she couldn't have been in another season of PGSM and had more Aino Minako songs... but I can hardly blame her for that.

    14. Erasure: Sometimes Andy Bell's singing voice really annoys me.

    15. a-ha: Why doesn't "Memorial Beach" get more love? it's a great album! Okay, so that's more to the fans than the band, but.. whatever.

    16. Jason White: This one's easy. Hurry up and make a NEW ALBUM, PLEASE!

    17. The Promise Ring: The whiny songs that give the band it's emo tag kinda suck. Love their upbeat songs.

    18. King Crimson: I've never been able to get into anything after the Adrian Belew time period.

    19. Christine Lavin: I really got nothing here.

    20. The Beatles: I hate Yellow Submarine. Also, Paul McCartney's solo career. All of it.
  • Erasure gone country?!

    9 Jun 2007, 21:32

    I just discovered On The Road To Nashville which is a live album of a mix of hits and regular album tracks (and I believe a b-side or two) that have been given the acoustic treatment. I suppose not a surprising followup to last year's Union Street (similar idea, but studio versions).

    A while back I listened to the thirty second previews for Union Street on iTunes and was rather underwhelmed. Nothing wrong with it, just.. kind of fell flat for me. (notable exception: Rock Me Gently, Home) Recently, I wanted to preview their new album Light At The End Of The World and came across the live album.

    Wow, I am giddy that this exists. Unlike the studio version these tracks are very "countrified" - very twangy. And a honky tonk version of Victim of Love? Never would've guessed that would work in a million years. (always thought, though that Blue Savannah would do well with that sort of treatment, and it stands out as one of the albums most fun tracks)

    Good show, guys. Now go ahead, ruin it with the new album that sounds like "we're bored. let's do Wonderland again, except the 2007 version" Heh.
  • Oh no! Yet another silly last.fm music survey! (top 25)

    16 Sep 2006, 17:32

    Normally I don't do these things, but I thought it'd be a fun memory exercise for myself (if not entertaining reading for anyone else).

    Audioscrobbler Meme: Write down your first 25 bands mentioned in your overall list</a> and answer the following questions...

    1.XTC (2,026 plays)
    First Song: Generals & Majors
    How'd You Hear It: On "Back to the Eighties Friday night" on 98.5 in Boston probably around '95
    Favorite Song, Overall: Then She Appeared
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Then She Appeared is tied with Mermaid Smiled (41 plays)

    2.Big Country (1,381 plays)
    First Song: In a Big Country
    How'd You Hear It: Also on "back to the eighties". I listened to that show every week in the late ninties.
    Favorite Song, Overall: Wonderland
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Wonderland (57 plays)

    3.Kate Bush (879 plays)
    First Song: Running Up that Hill in '98
    How'd You Hear It: an 80's compilation CD
    Favorite Song: Sat In Your Lap
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Coffee Homeground (32 plays)

    4.Blue Öyster Cult (545 plays)
    First Song: Burnin' For You around '97
    How'd You Hear It: on an 80's compilation cassette (noticing a pattern?)
    Favorite Song: Redeemed or Dancin' in the Ruins
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Burnin' For You (15 plays)

    5.小松彩夏 (479 plays)
    First Song: C'est La Vie in 2005
    How'd You Hear It: Watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. You honestly can't miss that song. Or stop it from invading your brain and taking over.
    Favorite Song: Kiss!² Bang!²
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Kiss!² Bang!² (85 plays)

    6.Marc Jordan (442 plays)
    First Song: Big Love in 2000
    How'd You Hear It: I found his C.O.W. album in a used record store for $2 thinking I'd be in for some cheesy fun. It's actually a pretty good album.
    Favorite Song: Red Desert
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Mystery Man (42 plays)

    7.Prince (442 plays)
    First Song: Not sure. I probably heard all his hits in the 80's on the radio or MTV, but the first song I remember listening to was Cream in '91
    How'd You Hear It: radio (Kiss 108 FM!)
    Favorite Song: Little Red Corvette
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Out Tonight, Most Beautiful Girl In the World (20 plays)

    8.Björk (436 plays)
    First Song: Big Time Sensuality in.. 96?
    How'd You Hear It: MTV. Didn't really get into her until 2000, though, after I heard Homogenic
    Favorite Song: All Neon Like or Unison
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: All Neon Like (31 plays)

    9.Janet Jackson (409 plays)
    First Song: Alright in '89
    How'd You Hear It: Saw the video, then bought Rhythm Nation.
    Favorite Song: Love Will Never Do (Without You)
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Love Will Never Do (Without You) (30 plays)

    10.The Promise Ring (362 plays)
    First Song: Size of Your Life in 2002
    How'd You Hear It: I bought Wood/Water after reading a so-so review of it. I really liked the cover art and name. I don't like emo, and so I'm mystified why I like this band. (probably cause they have a bunch of songs that aren't whiny)
    Favorite Song: The Deep South
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Skips a Beat (Over You) (23 Plays)

    11.a-ha (335 plays)
    First Song: Take On Me (no idea when... probably early nineties)
    How'd You Hear It: on the radio
    Favorite Song: Rolling Thunder
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: White Canvas (29 plays)

    12.King Crimson (316 plays)
    First Song: I Talk to the Wind in '02
    How'd You Hear It: listened to it because it was referenced in an issue of the comic Strangers In Paradise
    Favorite Song: Waiting Man
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Waiting Man (25 plays)

    13.Fleetwood Mac (308 plays)
    First Song: No idea. I remember hearing Dreams in '96, and really liking it.
    How'd You Hear It: On the radio. I bought the first Greatest Hits album right after, and ended up knowing about two thirds of the songs - I just didn't know they were Fleetwood Mac.
    Favorite Song: Dreams
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Over & Over (15 plays)

    14.Erasure (291 plays)
    First Song: Always in 1994
    How'd You Hear It: Casey Kasem's weekly top 40!
    Favorite Song: Perfect Stranger
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Precious (16 plays)

    15.Jason White (271 plays)
    First Song: Lady Katherine this year (2006)
    How'd You Hear It: I was browsing the iTunes store, and stumbled on that song. I liked it so much I eventually bought both his albums.
    Favorite Song: Ghost of Thoreau
    Song With Highest Position on Chart: Lady Katherine (27 plays)

    16.Annie (239 plays)
    First Song: Chewing Gum in 2005
    How'd You Hear It: in a friend's car.
    Favorite Song: Me Plus One
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Me Plus One (41 plays)

    17.The Beatles (234 plays)
    First Song: I can't even make a guess.
    How'd You Hear It: My mom played them when I was little.
    Favorite Song: She Came In the Bathroom Window (though honestly, anything off Abbey Road, Revolver, or Sgt. Pepper will do)
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: no song in top 500

    18.The Fixx (223 plays)
    First Song: One Thing Leads to Another in '95
    How'd You Hear It: on Back to the Eighties.
    Favorite Song: Reach the Beach
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: The Flow (38 plays)

    19.Anne Murray (218 plays)
    First Song: Nobody Loves Me Like You Do in '86 or '87
    How'd You Hear It: Mom played it in the car
    Favorite Song: Now and Forever (You & Me)
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Time Don't Run Out on Me (14 plays)

    20.Madonna (197 plays)
    First Song: That I remember, Vogue in 1990
    How'd You Hear It: MTV (watching the weekly top 20 countdown with Adam Curry!)
    Favorite Song: Like a Prayer (album version, not the immaculate collection version)
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Cherish (46 plays)

    21.The Sugarcubes (196 plays)
    First Song: Leash Called Love (Tony Humphries Mix) in 2000
    How'd You Hear It: a friend played It's-It in my dorm room.
    Favorite Song: Water or Coldsweat
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: none in top 500

    22.Michael Jackson (173 plays)
    First Song: Thriller in '84
    How'd You Hear It: my aunt was a huge fan - also, the video scared the crap out of me (hey, I was three)
    Favorite Song: Rock With You
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Rock With You (42 plays)

    (tie) 22.Teena Marie (173 plays)
    First Song: Behind the Groove in 2003
    How'd You Hear It: Playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    Favorite Song: Square Biz
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: It Must Be Magic (41 plays)

    24.Peter Gabriel (170 plays)
    First Song: Sledgehammer in '86 or '87
    How'd You Hear It: saw the video on MTV
    Favorite Song: That Voice Again
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Blood of Eden (25 plays)

    25. 宇多田ヒカル (166 plays)
    First Song: Traveling in '02
    How'd You Hear It: I read about her in People or something, where they described her as the Britney Spears of Japan. Which made me very curious. That description is, by the way, wildly inaccurate.
    Favorite Song: Distance or Time Will Tell
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Distance (37 plays)
  • 20000

    25 Jun 2006, 18:34

    Figured this was a landmark worth mentioning, considering the identity of track 10,000 was lost to one of last.fm's various hiccups last winter. Also, my first year anniversary is only two weeks away.

    The track was Wonderland.

    Here's to another year and another 20,000 tracks.
  • One Hit Wonders

    3 May 2006, 14:25

    I think I've honestly come to hate the term "One-Hit Wonder". Especially in regards to 80's bands, because everything that isn't Madonna or Duran Duran gets labeled such at some point.

    For example I was looking for music on iTunes this morning and stumbled across The Warrior. The official iTunes review calls the band a one-hit wonder. What?

    Okay, it's true that The Warrior was by far their biggest hit (#7 on the charts), but they also had FOUR other songs that made the Billboard Hot 100 between '82-'84 which included:

    Goodbye To You
    Love's Got A Line On You
    Beat of a Heart
    Hands Tied

    I only actually remember Goodbye to You among those, but I was pretty young at the time.

    Some ACTUAL one hit wonders (one song on the Billboard hot 100) from the 80's? Nena, Icicle Works, Sheriff, After the Fire, Baltimora, Boys Don't Cry... I could go on for a while.

    Stop calling bands one hit wonders when they aren't!