Lyrics Game =)


10 Nov 2009, 21:59

It's my first experience ^^

1. With an urgent, careful stare,
I see panic in those eyes

Angels & Airwaves - Lifeline

2.Ти там, ти є десь так далеко,
Чому летить одна лелека?

3. We're wakin' in he air
We're floating in the moonlight sky

Nightwish - Walking in the Air

4. Borderline, dead inside.
I don't mind, falling to pieces

Breaking Benjamin - Unknown Soldier

5. Could I be possibly insane
To think you and I have like figured out

6. Усе не так і вже не стане краще
A ранок знов лишить на призволяще

7. I got one more life
Can you see it wasting away?

8. Baby I've been waiting for some time
To find a way to free your mind

9. It's a tied rope, life flips
Someone else have found the mood

10. So wee meet again after several years
Several years of separation

Kings of convenience - Boat Behind

11. I'm not doing great
I feel like I'm dead

12. Make it quick, don't leave me here
In a crowded room with ticked air

13. Change everything you are
And everything you where

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

14. Just talk yourself up
And tear yourself down

15. Тоска, одиночество, боль, дыхание ночи
Это, конечно, совсем не то , что ты хочешь

16. When leaves have fallen
And skies turned into gray

Within Temptation - Ice Queen

17. Where do we go nobody knows?
I've gotta say I'm on my way down

Coldplay - God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

18. Іноді не маєш ти нічого крім м'яса
Мару-мармурового, та все ж лишень м'яса

19. Loaded forecast on to you
The pants are tided, you are ready to use

20. Don't know what i'm doin' backin the studio
Getting greedy cause he said he had another sick flow

Gwen Stefani - Orange County Girl

21. I don't believe in miracles
I never did

22. I conjure up the thought of being gone
But I'd probably even do that wrong

23. Hey i would really like to talk with you
Girl do you have a time to stop

24. You are too important for anyone
There's something wrong with everything you see

Evanescence - Where Will You Go

25. The sun rises to another day
My constitution keeps changing till it slips away

Creed - Illusion

26. He hurts me 'cause he cares
He hurts me and it's all my fault!

27. You'd better believe I'm coming
You'd better believe what I say

28. Зашаманила в четверг бы
Я же чистую бы правду

29. Someday I'll talk about it
One day I'll mention it to you

30. Газовых горелок больше нет
Hoли своё забирают


Angels & Airwaves
Breaking Benjamin
Cinema Bizarre
Guano Apes x 2
Gwen Stefani
Kings of Convenience

Sahara Hotnights
The Verve
Within Temptation
Земфира х 2

Enjoy =)


  • Imaginarie

    1. Angels & Airwaves - Lifeline 3. Nightwish - Waking In The Air 10. Kings Of Convenience - Boat Behind 13. Muse - Butterflies And Hurricanes 17. Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 24. Evanescence - Where Will You Go ^.^

    10 Nov 2009, 22:09
  • Pietrek_11

    25. Creed - Illusion

    11 Nov 2009, 11:00
  • G4BR1ELL4

    4. Breaking Benjamin- Unknown Soldier

    12 Nov 2009, 20:53
  • TSE_rachel

    20.Gwen Stefani - Orange County Girl

    21 Nov 2009, 14:26
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