Traveling to nowhere


2 Nov 2009, 2:26

Bunbury's show was amazing! I wanted to write about it since last week, but these days have been totally insane.
I was feeling really blue before the concert, even a bit ill, with an awful headache and so exhausted that I felt like crying with every step I took, so while I headed to the venue with my lil devil I was afraid I wouldn't be able to enjoy of the show, and I had been waiting since forever to see Enrique Bunbury playing live. When Héroes del Silencio did the tour for the anniversary a couple of years ago, I was supposed to go to Buenos Aires to see the show, since Chile wasn't included in the schedule, but at the end everything went wrong and I couldn't travel.
So I was really excited to be able to see Bunbury finally playing in Santiago -something many of us thought impossible because of what happened in Iron Maiden's show during Heroes first visit to Chile-
I love Caupolican Theatre, so it wasn't a surprised to see it was as good as always, comfy, with great lights, good sound and lots of energy from the audience -which is the best of smaller venues- What sure was a surprise, was to see the place completely crowded, it was amazing, I had always thought I was like one of the very few people who liked Bunbury here, but there were many others, and everyone was so happy and cheerful... that's the best of seeing a band or artist that's not mainstream, all the people that go to the concerts are fans and know and love each single one of the songs and albums, and thus the show ends up being an incredible experience, where everyone sings each single song along and the excitement is sparkling in the air.
Bunbury was dazzling, his voice is so beautiful live and his stage presence is awesome, he teased, danced, talked, played, sang, and looked gorgeous all the time, wrapping the audience around his lil finger like it was nothing since the first appearance on stage.
And he was just what everyone expected and more, played songs from Heroes Del Silencio and from all his solo albums, inviting the audience to a wonderful musical trip through so many different styles and times, it was mind blowing, he played classics like Alicia, Lady Blue, Y al final, El extranjero, Canto, La Herida, Apuesta por el rock & roll, among many others, besides a couple of songs from his latest album, so by the end, when he bid farewell to the audience singing my favorite song La Chispa Adecuada I was almost crying of delight.
The show was very long, the band left the stage around 3 or 4 times, but each time the public went insane screaming and they came back with lots of new songs to play.
At the end the concert was almost 3 hours and I swear I would have stayed the whole night listening to them, and I hope I can enjoy of it again someday.

This year there has been some great shows, I thought no one could overshadow Bret Anderson's concert this 2009, and yet, Bunbury had already done it in the opening of his show...

Hopefully next friday DIR EN GREY won't suck too much as to screw this wonderful year.


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