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  • saredemba

    Eclectic choice and quality programming CERISE FM offers every day from 16h (french time) something different for your ears (Pop, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Afrobeat, and so on ...) with a special ethno world music program or Ambient (20h-07h)!/profile/Saredemba/24683562/broadcast

    26 Ago 14:37 Responder
  • music-offshore

    Hallo , Ja de groep Rush die zegt me wel iets Zou eens moeten nakijken En jij ook bedankt Herman (regenachtige groeten vanuit Gent)

    26 Ago 14:00 Responder
  • music-offshore

    Groeten uit Belgie , Herman

    23 Ago 20:20 Responder
  • EricCarrRulez

    Thank you!! :-)

    9 Jul 20:26 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    And in the World Cup we barely did it against Chile!! Such a bad performance by Brazil, lol. It is almost unanimous in here that if we win the title it is going to be the worst ride we ever had. Chile played a very nice match, we all here were holding our breaths, it was pretty close. In Brazil we're going to skip one more day of class due to it lol. On the other hand, I've seen Netherlands match today and it was pretty awesome. You guys are surely coming to this phase way stronger than we do. My Mexican fellows are kind of sad, saying bad stuff about the referee and so on lol, but you guys surely deserved it. Very brave performance. Now I am curious to see Argentina's match, but I think they're not getting any far. Surely the best World Cup I"ve seen so far, great games!

    29 Jun 20:03 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    Yeah, I'm looking closely into their lyrics and so on, a great of lot masters singers also, very nice. I found other albums now, soon I'll be on nice vacations to enjoy it with patience. Btw, I accidentally bumped into a Alice Cooper's song playing GTA or something and it was interesting too.

    29 Jun 20:02 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    "Afterimage" is a marvelous also! Actually I've never seen the clip lol, I'm going to check it out right now. I like the way they all fit together in Grace Under Pressure, and as far as I heard, that's their best work in that sense. And I think I'm starting to get Ayeron now, even though I wasn't very engaged at first. And I saw the 9th played live (from BBC proms), oh man, I am as amazed as I was the first time Rush got into my skin. Very intense stuff indeed, many thanks for showing it to me ;)

    29 Jun 5:23 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    As for Clockwork Angels album I enjoyed very much also, but I feel the live DVD has poor sound and it bothers me :P but anyway the album is amazing! "The Garden" is in my to 5 easily, very beautiful lyrics. Still producing a lot of nice stuff.

    27 Jun 4:57 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    I think "Grace Under Pressure" is pure gold, so many great songs; I personally really enjoy "Between the wheels" as their 2nd best closing album song ("The Garden" would be the first lol), and there are many others... "The Body Electric" I enjoy very much too.

    27 Jun 4:56 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    Yeah, the 9th is just wonderful lol. I'll look more the 6th more closely in a couple of weeks surely. I usually listen to read/write or something, and works like a charm, haha. And Rush were true amazing in the 70s! I enjoyed hard rock and started and actually enjoying Rush with "Fly by Night" and "Rush", very intense stuff lol. I liked very much Geddy's singing, but nowadays the only album from the 70's I really listen often is "Hemispheres", don't know really why, because there were amazing.

    27 Jun 4:55 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    I've read a bit about The Universal Migrator and sounds very interesting stuff. Can't find it in good quality though :/

    27 Jun 4:53 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    but speaking of rush, i am truly interested now in the "Counterparts" (1991 I think) album, have you known? very very interesting stuff, but way different than the early years. Personally, I love every single album of them (lol), but this one has really strong lyrics and a strong catch as well ;)

    24 Jun 19:59 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    yeah, sure, I'll listen to the 6th very carefully when this fist moment amazement with the 9th passes (it is taking a while though lol), i'm looking for a full video to see it live also :) i am checking out a very much talented brazillian composer as well (Villa Lobos), I'll get back to you if I find something marvelous as the 9th :)

    24 Jun 19:56 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    and sorry about the writing. I was a little excited =P

    24 Jun 4:10 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    i thank you very much for showing these to me, very very interesting stuff. maybe I'll give up listening to rush for a while... :p

    23 Jun 18:29 Responder
  • wilson_cobain

    man, i've absolutely loved beethoven's 9th symphony lol. really nice feeling you had there :p sorry it took me so long lol, but it sounds really really amazing. when I woke up thinking about some melody i realized that me and beethoven are going to have some serious business in the next years ahha actually i've listened to it a couple of times, five at best... the 6th did not caught my attention like this one, but i'll surely listen to it again later with careful attention i've hear ayreon also and felt great :D but I'm really into the who right now lol, next band to take closer look will be this one! ;) cheers and many thanks!

    23 Jun 15:59 Responder
  • MegaDave89

    Hm i rarely read fantasy, but i should do it more maybe, i don't now the english titles from Stephen so much. I read on swedish.

    4 Abr 11:16 Responder
  • JorgeGabriel20

    Hi! I'm from Brazil! Add me?! Iron is perfect!

    3 Abr 12:54 Responder
  • MegaDave89

    Which book are your favoritebook? Stephen King have also done some Fantasy. :D

    3 Abr 12:28 Responder
  • MegaDave89

    I read The Green Mile and The Lost Symbols with Stephen King and Dan Brown, have you read them?

    2 Abr 17:20 Responder
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In my private life I have been enjoying music and going to concerts in the past, I still do to a degree but my interests have been shifting more towards science fiction as of late. In the car to work more often than not I will listen to sci-fi audio books instead of music... I mostly listen to music at nights now and during weekends when I'm not watching a show or film. I love philosophical and futuristic themes and ambiguous and grey like characters will most likely appeal to me.

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Some of my favorite authors are Orson Scott Card, Arthur C. Clarke, Peter F. Hamilton, Gary Gibson and Isaac Asimov.

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