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  • L2GSlayer


    17 Oct 14:02 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    I mean, breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes don't look bad but they're still scary. Yes, and this sugar waffle had melted chocolate on it. Yes, I'm sure if you voluntarily hang out with someone they aren't ruining your life. lol, you're weak. A regular isn't enough fries for me, it's just a lot compared to other places. I've never had hot sauce of blue cheese but that sounds interesting. Sorry, feetgaze is taken. It's for songs about the imperial measurement system. Well yeah, it's not research but you're still doing science-y stuff. Do pharmacists get lab coats? Ha, you're probably putting your Christian sex-ed to good use too. Yeah, also, I got a really shitty Xbox, the first 360 model. It doesn't even have an HDMI port or WiFi. When Wheatfield gets a Mighty Taco, they will have made it. Ah, okay, now the jackassery is apparent. And not just girl boobs probably, a true boob expert. Dang, I thought you could give animals away for free. I guess the paperwork makes people paranoid

    17 Oct 5:35 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Huh, I've never had any of those things or any other breakfast food really. Well, I had a sugar waffle once. That's unfortunate, I like to avoid crowds so I have to function earlier or suffer. Exactly, what's the point of a day off if other people are there? Agreed, and you get so many of them. I mostly go for the cajun fries now though. It was Whirr - Mumble so good taste. It's because the musicians spend more time looking at their effects pedals than anything else. I believe that's called sandalgaze. And now you're a scientist, fuck you mom and dad. I can't argue with that, actually owning the console enhances the experience tremendously though. Sounds like an up and coming area, how can you expect to attract other industries if you don't even have organ-harvesting motels? Wow, what a jackass. Wait, so he stopped and you hit him from behind? I'll take your word for it :(. Anime boobs aren't too shabby though. Wow, cats must be way less in demand than I thought. Is she expensive?

    16 Oct 23:27 Responder
  • L2GSlayer

    And when im outside of college? I didn't bother to fuck with a dorm so i usually just chill @home or something. I should get a dorm but at the same time its like nah bc not many of my friends have it. plus the dorms are like 10 miniutes away from the actual campus?? or 15. idk. Well, the main campus anyway so yeah. but honestly britni make a kik, im so much more accessible there. uhm i got no job and i do a shit job with saving money now. i mean when i was with rose it was nothing bc i wanted that...but now that im not..ha. i get like 20-30 bucks a day to survive off of but guess who spends that??? my stupid ass~~ oh and im living with my grandma so that's pretty cool. nice place, she has a gazebo in her backyard. and music...HA i need to get more into it. But uh honestly i haven't been into nothing much new. It's a shame, I like it, though. I'm slowly easing back into it. Nothing Pitchfork..although i can sense myself heading there and stripping myself of all the individuality i have

    16 Oct 21:23 Responder
  • L2GSlayer

    College???Terrible, the only good part is meeting people and hanging w/friends. My classes are all going okay, except Math but I'm gonna get a tutor, probz one of my older friends, like 20 or whatever. Like literally everyone is old. Especially in classes that start with the number 3 or 2.. It's absolutely nasty. But uh yeah, hopefully I get to transfer within a year or two, most likely 2. I would transfer next year but one year was just a full prep year and i got no credits for those courses so bleh. I'm majoring in psychology and if i can find a decent university to accecpt my brown curly haired ass, ...and isn't TOO expensive id aim for a doctorate, if not, just my masters. terrifying really. uh girls...girls r so gross. but im really wanting to better who i am. which im in the process of doing but considering that, the girls are all looking pretty fine to me. they like me so its whatever. coffee in hand, big headphones and facial hair and a "whatever" attitude takes u far places

    16 Oct 21:18 Responder
  • L2GSlayer

    Yeah the whole texting plan over on this island is absolute shit, i can't bare it. Uh, create a kik you complete ASSHOLE!! But really nah i barely ever touch skype, like a normal person and tomato juice...why would you even do that to yourself. Wow holy shit, dude? You're like an actual grown up, that's like really great but at the same time that shit is like so gross, I can't be bothered to pay my own bills. I mean fuck me, I tried staying inline but wow that was gross, (i went to pay the cable bill) although i suppose you old people do have the money to pay for smart phones...not to mention you guys have plans. Over here it's either you buy the whole phone right then and there or you're screwed. No metal posters, Britni, don't be edgy. Be hipster and buy paintings of flowers and all that. Are you gonna get that flower tattoo you were talking about awhile back? Idk man im just really glad to hear you're doing alright, i mean hey your ass is growing up but eh whatever ur still iight.

    16 Oct 21:13 Responder
  • L2GSlayer

    I tend to get black coffee all the time?? Although my "usual" at my campuses D.Donuts is Large French Vanilla cream n Sugar. Idk. Dude it's been actually way too long lets talk, like shit man, fuck

    16 Oct 0:03 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Me neither, but whenever I do get a real breakfast it usually involves fries. It's just lunch but 3 hours earlier. I failed, my plan was hinging on my parents going to work on my day off and they stayed home, bastards. I'm going try again friday. Oh, you liked some shoegaze song I posted on Tumblr so I sorta figured. Wow, you're deprived. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless is probably the best place to start. It took me like 10 listens to get what it was trying to do though so if you need something else don't be embarrassed. That's perfect, black metal sounds like shit. Oh, well they should've taught me more about save points in sex-ed. Playstation is objectively better. Ha, I could've guessed from the name farms are involved. I guess if you haven't gotten caught so far it's okay. Was said jackass in the bike lane? And I don't even like Taco Hell so kicking me out wouldn't even harm me. If you're talking IRL boobs then I probably agree. Oh, I thought you were one of many trying to get her.

    14 Oct 6:30 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Do you not normally eat fries for breakfast? I'm going to attempt going to Five Guys at like 9:30 am tomorrow, wish me luck. Alright. Try adding some reverb over the chainsaw sounds. It'd be like shoegaze plus dying. Fair enough, shooting with a shitty cellphone camera and xbox mic will give your tapes a neat retro vibe. Lol, "breakfast". Are you implying that sausages were involved? That is not something that should be taught in sex ed, what if you haven't reached a save point by the time sex is initiated? They should really teach people not to buy xboxes instead. Fine, it may not always be cold but it's probably always unpleasant (and not just in terms of weather). Are you allowed to take your moped into bike lanes? So what you're saying is that I should steal from Taco Hell so that there's less for your boss to fuck with? I know this is obvious, but her boobs look better bare. Are you including Pluto? Please don't leave Pluto out. Too bad, that is a cute and chill ass cat. I'm sorry

    9 Oct 22:41 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Same except form my potatoes into sticks and deep fry them and replace the bread with cake (because they're basically the same thing). Yeah, the doctors say there will never be a cure. Be sure to add a couple drops in though, they'd go right along with all the chainsaw sounds. It's 2014, why don't you have a camera? What if you need an hd slow motion replay? You're screwed. That sounds romantic. That's ridiculous, no one walks in Buffalo because it's too cold, so all that sidewalk space is wasted. Okay, but if I ever find myself in one I'll probably get a Baja Blast just to help pitch in for your paycheck. Yes, that is actually bad enough. Well you must've enjoyed her recent leaks then. Give jupiter enough thermite so that it becomes a sun, I guess. Oh nice. What is so amazing about this cat in particular? I've never had a cat so I am p jealous.

    5 Oct 6:14 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Yeah, that's probably why I only eat things with lots of sugar in them. That doesn't sound so bad, my entire body is pretty much that all the time. I meant an audio recording of you killing me, but video would be cool too. I'm surprised you and Dan don't have a video camera and tripod lying around. Wow, nice. Can you take the moped on the sidewalk? If so, just drive on the sidewalk, it'd probably be faster. Couldn't you just ball it up in duct tape and throw it? If you're going to label it that make sure a wire from the recorder is hanging out. I would but there's like no Taco Hells near me, and I don't like anything from there; I'm content with reading your descriptions of it. I mean, even if it failed what's the worst that could happen? Couldn't you ignore them and walk away. Huh, I've never "gotten" Kate Upton but to each her own. Ha, gassy, clever. Won't Jupiter feel bad if the sun keeps getting fatter?

    2 Oct 3:50 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Fine, peanut butter flavored sugar isn't too bad, I'll give you that. How bad was the sting itself, bee stings aren't too bad, but they still really suck and should be avoided. Do you get a lump or is your whole arm swollen? An epipen would be a good thing to have anyways just in case, unless you enjoy getting swollen. Okay, thanks, It'd be a good way to get my music career off the ground. Also, you'd probably have to record yourself killing me. Good, it'd take one forever to get around if one doesn't jaywalk. Well, you wouldn't be putting it on them, you'd be putting it on their clothes. Yeah, just leave a suspicious package in the middle of an intersection. Is apple soda worse than actual apples? Like, I fuck with apple juice occasionally so I could see apple soda being alright if it's just carbonated apple juice. Well, I hope you continue to successfully not see or hear from her. Neat, are you cool with him banging dudes too? Isn't the sun fat enough as it is?

    28 Sep 22:50 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Ha, I don't think that's technically peanut butter. Ha, how have you not been stung by a bee but have been stung by a wasp? I thought bees were far more common, I've been stung by like 3. I'll join your band. Would I have to play on the album that the picture of my corpse is on? Fine, put a wire on some intersection person, and you can jaywalk while you do it, jaywalking is illegal. It's good you don't know it exists, now it'll be hard for you to sound derivative. Eww, apple soda? I can't even choke down lemon-lime soda and lemons and limes are good as far as fruits go. Ha, but most people shouldn't have children, you're mother can do better than that. I guess as long as she's only a danger to others it's okay. Did he know of your bisexuality beforehand? I mean, if he did it'd be silly for him to be unhappy with what that entails anyways. Alight, I'll take your word for it. Now all you need to do is to find an oven hot enough to get the thermite nice and gooey.

    27 Sep 4:22 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Peanut butter is nasty but peanuts are essential, I'd kill myself. That's true, everyone actively avoids wasps, allergy or not. I've never been stung by a wasp either so I could be allergic, but probably not. You should get someone to join your band, and then murder them and take a picture. That way your album cover has a compelling backstory. Yeah, if you're not going to do anything illegal while recording an album why even bother? Traffic noise is easy, just dress up like one of those people who directs traffic and bring a microphone. Ah, so you're going for more of a post-art industrial shitwave type thing. I mean, it's been done before, but I'm sure you'll do just fine. I'm pretty sure people who drink Mountain Dew dew so because it tastes toxic. Well, you made her sound unstable so I just sort of figured she would be? How strange, why would Dan want you to be happy? I've never gotten into lesbians but have fun. Would it be easier if it was a regular cookie with thermite chips?

    23 Sep 20:31 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    At least you're not allergic to something cool, and wasps must be pretty rare if you've avoided them for so long so far. And you could direct the hobo's anger towards another hobo and have them fight, and have that be the album art. You'd probably have to trespass to get decent factory noise. I'd tell you to get train noise but you'd probably be accused of ripping off GY!BE. Uh, art isn't supposed to be fun. On the soles of your feet, of course. I hate Mountain Dew so I probably wouldn't like it anyways. Oh yeah, how is your mom btw, has she been institutionalized yet? That is indeed what matters, and since you have experience avoiding police you should have an advantage. Has that method for avoiding tickets ever actually worked? Dan sounds like a swell guy, unless he's telling you to be a lesbian so that you go to hell. Having Microsoft Sam do it certainly would be less dangerous. Honestly though, there certainly are worse ways to die than eating a thermite cookie.

    21 Sep 16:32 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Well, thanks for taking the time to type this shout before you get your arm amputated. Yes, but field recordings of what? Crazy hobo rants? I'm sure there's no shortage of that in Buffalo. You could also do field recordings of your own farts. Writing on yourself should work as long as you do it in strategic places. That's good. Even if it doesn't work you probably won't get any seizures, so that's a plus. Oh, that sucks, that's like the one good thing I've heard about Taco Bell. Are you not good enough for Mighty Taco now? The NSA won't do shit, they're probably scared of you. I'm sure there have been serial killer pharmacists before. They probably won't be able to figure out who you are if you run so fast that your face appears blurred anyways. Well if you're ever feeling charitable and don't think Dan would mind feel free. Okay, but have Microsoft Sam read it and autotune that. Yeah, I bet thermite cookies would stay warm so it'd always be like they just came out of a very hot oven.

    19 Sep 1:32 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Don't worry about your voice, singing is so 20th century. You could make field recordings, or dubstep remixes of field recordings. Dang, if you can shoot sharpies out of yourself you should have no problem finding a career in the stripping industry, unless you meant writing on yourself in sharpie. Well, do you think the meds are working at least? Well, not the worst because you'd be having fun, but not for long. I'm sorry to hear. Is Baja Blast actually good? Ha, the way you wrote it made it sound like you chose serial killing as a career, you're probably on a list. I think you'll be able to run faster with blue hair too. Well they don't have to be copies, you can take some new ones and send them to me so I can make sure the pictures I try to get deleted are the right ones. I dunno, if it were me I'd write an audiobook, which would just be me ranting aggressively for 4 hours. Since you hate your voice you'd have to use autotune. Oh come on, thermite paint is almost as cool as planes.

    16 Sep 21:58 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    I've heard that's what people used to do to music. Recording isn't too hard, all you need is a microphone and audacity, I'd think. All the more reason you should become a stripper, you can write your bandcamp url on ping pong balls and shoot them out of yourself at customers/potential fans. Seizures are pretty badass too. Alright then, strangling would be a shitty way to spree kill. You'd maybe get to kill one person before everyone at Mighty Taco scatters or calls the police. I don't doubt your serial killing abilities though. That sounds pretty cool, but it would be even cooler if you could hook me up. It's nice you're still pursuing something chemistry-adjacent. Are you saving the best for last? Get blue hair, you'll look like Sonic. That's horrible, Britni. You should send me some copies so I can go and try to get them deleted from the internet. Book bought. Well shoot. Too bad the dirt can't be like WTC 7 and fall to the ground on its own (according to the official story, that is)

    16 Sep 0:04 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    I listened to it though, which was the thing people did before scrobbling. So start a shitwave band or something, but then you'd have to call it fuck shitni. Are you on SSRIs? That's what a lot of the spree killers are on. You should go on a choking spree then. You'd get a shitty body count but at least you'd have fun. Oh yeah, any idea what sort of career? I recall you ditched the whole chemistry thing. Also, do tell if you choose the latter so I can book my flight. Good advice actually as it appears that few of my problems are external (except for my appearance and stench, heyoo). Happy belated 9/11, Brotni :)

    15 Sep 2:37 Responder
  • CharlieO675

    Uh, they actually were a band. I formed them in my garage and then killed them all after their first practice, so I'm actually the only person alive to have ever heard them. Ha, you think you need talent to make music, how quaint. All it takes is feelings and shit. Wow that sucks, what are you abandoning fast food and deep fryer baths for? I've been pretty shitty, just a lot of stagnation and stuff and etc. No major complaints though.

    11 Sep 4:12 Responder
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I once completely cleared all my tracks and such from my account and i had like 8000 scrobbles. I'm thinking of doing that again. I'm Britni. I make no sense and I probably won't like you. But feel free to talk to me anyways because who knows.