How did I get to the Bands in my Top 10?


24 Ago 2008, 16:25

I took this from SpittingPink.

#1 Nightwish

Once a friend of mine gave me "Oceanborn"-album, right after Once was I got into their music very soon.

Favorite Album: Oceanborn
Favorite Song: Two for Tragedy

#2 Tarja Turunen

During the time she was successful with Nightwish i got to know her Christmas Album Henkäys Ikuisuudesta, and got to love it. And her new stuff is also very very good

Favorite Album: My Winter Storm
Favorite Song: Oasis

#3 Nemesea
I found them in via the "similar artist" section..but i forgot of which band...maybe After forever

Favorite Album: Mana
Favorite Song: Empress

#4 Within Temptation

Found them through my sister, she was a big Fan of Ice Queen

Favorite Album: The Silent Force
Favorite Song: Memories

#5 Elane
I got one song from them in a Magazine's CD, which was Crystal Clear Water. and i fell in love with it from it's first tune.

Favorite Album: Lore Of Nen
Favorite Song: Golden Lace

#6 Loreena McKennitt

First time i heard her music was at a seminar of my One-year social-work project

Favorite album: An Ancient Muse
Favorite Song: Caravanserai

#7 Deep Trip

Saw them Life as supportband to Schandmaul 2006

Favorite Album: Deep Trip
Favorite Song: my son

#8 Edenbridge

I knew of their existence since long time but i never liked their stuff...
But i fell in love with My Earth Dream and now i love them =)

Favorite Album: My Earth Dream
Favorite Song: Paramount

#9 Epica

Once in germany there was a kind of music show in VIVA-channel which was called ThrashTop100..and they showed Epicas Feint-video there..and made fun of it for its ridicoulusness...well i liked it and now they are part of my Top 10 =)

Favorite Album: The Divine Conspiracy
Favorite Song: Higher High (Bonus Track)

#10 Delain
Knowing them from being support band of Within Temptation at their "Heart of Everything"-tour...liked them but live they werent as good as i expected.

Favorite Album: Lucidity
Favorite Song: No Compliance


  • ZlyZlyZly

    NW + EPICA + WT = i love your taste :D

    24 Ago 2008, 19:16
  • eternal_purity

    "and they showed Epicas Feint-video there..and made fun of it for its ridicoulusness..." Pfffttttttt. That video was great. I loved it and strangely enough, that video is how I first got into them too. :)

    3 Sep 2008, 18:05
  • BaalzebubCR

    interesting..,good stuff..enjoy..:)

    17 Sep 2008, 22:17
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