• The Top 12 of 2010

    12 Ene 2011, 3:28

    Well, I almost didn't make one because I'm still bitter that I spent forever making one in 2009 and last.fm inexplicably deleted it. But I should probably get over that. And I can compare to '08, I guess.
    So, here goes:
    1. They Might Be Giants - 9850
    2. Barenaked Ladies - 955
    3. The Beatles - 502
    4. John Linnell - 463
    5. The Monkees - 408
    6. Jonathan Coulton - 315
    7. Tally Hall - 313
    8. Islands - 305
    9. The Decemberists - 265
    10. The Kinks - 263
    11.Bob Dylan - 236
    12. Oppenheimer - 193

    For comparison: 2008's top 12
    1. They Might Be Giants - 8486
    2. Barenaked Ladies - 483
    3. John Linnell - 424
    4. The Beatles - 380
    5. The Monkees - 319
    6. Tally Hall - 246
    7. Jonathan Coulton - 240
    8. The Kinks - 216
    9. Islands - 201
    10. Frank Zappa - 170
    11. Bob Dylan - 168
    12. The Velvet Underground - 157

    And 2007's:
    1. They Might Be Giants - 5300
    2. John Linnell - 211
    3. The Beatles - 192
    4. Barenaked Ladies - 141
    5. The Monkees - 125
    6. The Kinks - 124
    7. The Velvet Underground - 122
    8. Tally Hall - 100
    9. Will Holshouser - 98
    10. Islands - 92
    11. Frank Zappa - 91
    12. Bob Dylan - 77

    If this means anything, it is certainly that my rate of listening has way slowed. Between '07 and '08 there appears to be more growth than between '08 and '10. Which I knew. Although part of it is that I've been trying to listen to new artists and not the same over and over.

    In 2008 I predicted Oppenheimer, The Decemberists, and Weezer would move up, and The Velvet Underground would fall off the chart. I guess 3/4 ain't bad. Didn't expect Zappa to drop off, though. Bob Dylan probably did between '08 and '09 but I'm guess he reclaimed the spot after the concert this fall. Barenaked Ladies seem to have grown the most, which isn't surprising as I've seen them twice since 2008 and really fell in love with them more than ever before. There also hasn't been that much shuffling, except for that The Beatles overtook John Linnell. But really, that was just expected. I mean, I love JL but he only has one album. I think next year The Monkees will overtake him, too. And probably will rise up quite a bit in general, I'm really into them currently. My other prediction is that fun. or Steel Train could make their way onto the list. I could see them taking down Oppenheimer.
  • Weird Findings

    11 Abr 2009, 21:20

    So, when I started getting into Elvis Costello, my dad went and found all his old EC vinyls to let me listen to. There was what appeared to be a 45 stuffed into the cover of Armed Forces, containing Accidents Will Happen, Alison, and Watching the Detectives. I didn't give it a second glance... until I realized Watching The Detectives was 6 minutes long. WTF?

    So, I played it, and turns out, it's all live stuff, with Accidents being a piano only arrangement, and Alison being a piano-mostly arrangement. And Detectives being a 6 minute long arrangement. And, it wasn't a 45, it was 33.3 RPM, just EP sized.

    I then noticed it said "Not for sale - demonstration purposes only." The best part is, my dad has no recollection of ever obtaining this.

    But, wherever it came from, it's ripped to my hard drive now. Anyone interested in the tracks?
  • Sweet deals

    10 Abr 2009, 20:15

    So, I just found season 3 of Strangers With Candy at the Full Circle for $4. Awesome.

    That place in general is awesome, especially considering what it used to be like. They recently got a new owner, and he took it from hole-in-the-wall with, like, one row of new releases, to hole-in-the-wall with all sorts of less than mainstream albums, records, old classic records, and used DVDs. The addition of stuff worth buying has created the need for boxes of stuff to be piled all over (to resemble a teenager's messy room), but I could care less about that. In addition to the DVD, I purchased The Decemberists's new album, as well as something for Jade. She'll see what it is when the mail is good 'n ready to ship it to her. :D

    In closing: the best in K-12 acting.

  • The top 12 of 2008

    10 Ene 2009, 5:41

    1. They Might Be Giants - 8486
    2. Barenaked Ladies - 483
    3. John Linnell - 424
    4. The Beatles - 380
    5. The Monkees - 319
    6. Tally Hall - 246
    7. Jonathan Coulton - 240
    8. The Kinks - 216
    9. Islands - 201
    10. Frank Zappa - 170
    11. Bob Dylan - 168
    12. The Velvet Underground - 157

    Here's my top twelve of 2007, for comparison:

    1. They Might Be Giants (playcount 5300)
    2. John Linnell (playcount 211)
    3. The Beatles (playcount 192)
    4. Barenaked Ladies (playcount 141)
    5. The Monkees (playcount 125)
    6. The Kinks (playcount 124)
    7. The Velvet Underground (playcount 122)
    8. Tally Hall (playcount 100)
    9. Will Holshouser (playcount 98)
    10. Islands (playcount 92)
    11. Frank Zappa (playcount 91)
    12. Bob Dylan (playcount 77)

    I made a bunch of predictions last year about how my charts would change, as well, but now I can't remember them anymore. I'm painfully aware that instead of doing something useful to my future self with them, like cataloging them nicely in a journal entry, I threw them on a whim into Jade's shoutbox.

    However, this is not needed to analyze the data.
    BNL, Tally Hall, Islands, Zappa, and Dylan went up. JL, The Kinks, The Beatles, and The Velvet Underground went down. Holshouser went from 9 to naught, and JoCo jumped onto the charts into 7th place. Monkees and TMBG haven't changed place.
    If I were to make a prediction for next year? The Velvets will lose their #12 and be replaced either with Oppenheimer, The Decemberists, or Weezer. The latter two, at any rate, will probably for sure make substantial jumps. But then, one never really knows.

    Now I will quit indulging in statistics and go to bed k thnx bye.
  • GR, pirate capitol of Michigan

    31 Oct 2008, 20:15

    Wed 22 Oct – Paul And Storm concert

    Let me say this first: their recordings don't do them justice. Paul and Storm live were more amazing than I ever would have guessed. I almost didn't go to this show (I wasn't a huge fan), and was persuaded by the fact that bands I even remotely like never come this close (and school started late the next day, so I could stay out late and sleep in :D). I am so glad I went.

    When I first got to The Intersection, the parking area (meaning the streets that surround the venue) was packed. The majority of the people were there to see Family Force 5, the Christian metal band that was to play in the main room, making a ruckus of screams and clangs that could be heard over Paul and Storm's set in the smaller outer chamber. (Surprisingly, this didn't detract from the show, as it provided the basis to a hilarious ongoing joke, and at one point the guys even started playing along to it.)

    On the way in, I thought I saw Paul run up to the woman who had entered in front of me and hug her. I naturally assumed this was only a Paul look-alike (why would he be hugging this woman?), and that I first thought it was Paul due to my excited pre-concert craziness. There was only one chair near the front that wasn't taken, so I let my dad sit there and I sat on the floor next to him. Surveying the room, it looked as if I was the only one there under 25. The Paul look-alike passed me and said "aww, what a good little school-girl, sitin' cross-leggy on the floor!". It was at the sound of that characteristic voice that it became obvious that this was, in fact, Paul Sabourin, who had just spoken to me, and who had earlier hugged a strange old lady, yet I had little time to try to comprehend this, as he had grabbed an antique piano bench on display at the venue and requested I sit on it, right in front of the stage!

    Then, the concert began.
    SETLIST (I can't promise these are in order).
    Opening Band (which was ironic because they weren’t the opening band. On the other hand, they had no opening band, so maybe they were their own opening band?)
    Your Town
    Nugget Man
    Count To Ten
    Nun Fight
    A Better Version Of You
    Cruel, Cruel Moon
    A Bunch Of Rejected Commercial Jingles
    If James Taylor were On Fire
    If Bob Dylan Were Hiding At The Bottom of a Well
    If Aaron Neville Were Waiting for a Parking Spot at the Mall, But Someone Else Took It
    If They Might be Giants were the Icecream Man
    Randy Newman's Theme from 'The Lord Of The Rings'
    Randy Newman's Theme from 'The Passion Of The Christ'
    The Improv Bit
    Your Love Is
    Mother's Day Song
    The Captain's Wife's Lament
    The Penis Song

    When the show started, the two men stood with their backs facing the audience. Paul slowing walked backwards, awkwardly grabbed the mike, and introduced them, after which I’m assuming he would have turned around and launched into a song under normal circumstances. However, he accidently swore, and than loudly said “fuck! I swore,” upon realizing this. He explained that his two aunts were in the audience, and his mom had asked him not keep his language mild for the occasion (a request he did not adhere to ;-)). I’m assuming one of these was the woman he had hugged earlier.

    Before Count To Ten, they were having an extremely hard time starting, as the obnoxious band in the other room was playing especially loud. “It sounds like they’re raping kitchen appliances with cars in there,” Paul said, to which Storm replied “that’s the name of my emo band, raped kitchen appliances.” After trying to start twice more, they instead decided to play along for a while before finally started the song.

    Introducing Nun Fight, Paul explained how it was based on a true story: there was a monastery in Italy with only three nuns left, and the guy who ran it had to shut it down when the nuns got into a fistfight. “And I was thinking,” said Paul, “These poor women with no training! Where will they go? How will they make a living?” “No, not that,” he had to assure the dirty minded people in the audience. “Form a metal band?,” suggested Storm. But no! The answer was clear: pay-per-view nun fights! (“the original Christian rock,” Paul had said afterwards.

    We were instructed to clap during A Better Version Of You. In the middle of the song, Paul had said “Now, only the women clap! Now, only people of indeterminate gender! Now the people who don’t know what indeterminate means! Now, all the people with no hands!” They later explained that at a Toronto show, a man from the audience approached them afterwards who had been born with no hands, and thanked them for being so inclusive.

    When they announced that they were entering a section of the show in which they paid homage to some artists that inspired them, I could only imagine what I was in store for. These were so funny live! They acted much more parodical of the musicians they were parodying than on the recordings. They did the very best Aaron Neville EVER, mimicking all of his pre-performance habits. By dad laughed so hard he almost peed. Before What If TMBG were the IM, Paul announced, “Now this next band, I highly doubt there is more than one person in this room *looks at me in my TMBG shirt* who even knows who they are, but the song is really weird so it’s ok to laugh along anyways.” As soon as they said the words “They Might Be Giants,” I cheered loudly. Afterwards, Storm said “They Might Be Giants: a band most of you have never heard of, that makes that girl *points at me* scream really loud.” “JOHN LINNELL!” I shouted, to which Paul buried his head in his hand and shook his head.

    I think this was the point where Storm pointed out that this was the first time they stopped a song and the other band was also not playing. “We should make a lot of noise and annoy them,” Paul said,” we should show them how cool and alternative we all are.”

    The man they called up for the improve bit was a guy picked randomly off the email list they passed around earlier (”if you don’t have an email address, you can, like… draw a picture of the cave you apparently still live I,” said Paul, to which Storm started making caveman jokes (“*grunt*, what up with that? Funny cuz true”)). The highschool he went to was booed at by almost everyone there (I don’t remember what it was, being not from GR). He didn’t have a pet (“Oh, so you hated animals, then? You liked to torture them?”). When asked what he had liked to eat for breakfast, he answered before they could finish the ‘for breakfast’ part, and promptly stated barbeque. “Barbeque for breakfast?” Paul asks. “He barbequed the neighbor’s pets. Cuz he hates animals” explains Storm. Paul nods as if this is a reasonable clarification of his strange breakfast habits. Of course, none of this information was significant, as the song was largely about how he liked to masturbate all day.
    After that, the man was given a prize from their box of ‘snack foods that sound like sex acts’: raspberry lovin’ puffs. These snaclks were actually given away as prizes for random things throughout the night.

    The Captain’s Wife’s Lament was pretty much the best thing ever. And not because of the song! We were instructed to ‘arr!’ like pirates on cue. After each line, we were cued to ‘arr,’ yet for the first 3 times, something happened that caused one of them to stop the song momentarily and explain or say something. After that, we had gotten such in the habit of stopping after each line that they continued to just to be funny. One of the ‘arr’s we did was a ‘dejected arr,’ which prompted Paul to stop singing in amazement when he noticed something uncanny about us: “WHOA! That was AMAZING! You guys all tilted your heads during the dejected arr! Not only that, you all tilted in the same direction! I think you guys have had practice with this before. I think you must secretly be real pirates.” “Of course,” says Storm, “all the pirates of the Caribbean live here in Michigan.” “GR is the pirate CAPITOL of Michigan!” Paul realized. Then, we were asked to ‘dejected arr’ several more times because we were all so cute, and Storm regretted not being able to ‘just bottle that’ for a later time. Which led to Paul saying “Budweis-ARR!”. Of course this led to many other arr related jokes “Where do pirates eat? Arrby’s! A Pirate’s favourite actor? Arrnold!”.
    The entire song lasted near 10 minutes because of this. Afterward, I tried to shout “encoARR!,” but the ‘arr’ part didn’t really come out, and they assumed I was mindless shouting encore in the middle of their set.

    They asked everyone to sing along to the penis song. There was one verse in which they asked just the ladies to sing. I tried, but I couldn’t get the words out over my laughter, induced by the fact my dad had been singing along!

    After the show, after the two men had filed off stage, we all stood up and shouted for an encore. They came back, but acted really surprised about it. Apparently, they didn’t think anyone would’ve wanted to hear them some more, so they did not prepare any songs for an encore. Poor fools! They have no idea how awesome they are. Because they hadn’t prepared any songs, they asked for requests. They first played The International Language. For their next song, Ten-Fingered Johnny was requested, but Paul said he wasn’t positive he remembered how it went, so the man who requested it started to sing it. “Ok, show-off,” said Paul, “why don’t YOU sing it?” and he did. He walked up onto the stage and sang the song with them. He actually remembered it better than either of them. All of them forgot parts of it in different places, and at time they would stop and try to remember what came next “Just let us know if we’re too slick and professional for you guy,” Paul warned us.

    -After the concert-
    They were in the back selling their own merchandise, so went back to awe-struckly say hi and buy a t-shirt. I ended up getting one that featured a pirate, with the words ‘dejected arr’. Both Paul and Storm said they liked my TMBG shirt. I carried on about how cool they were mindlessly for a while, then noticed the stickers and asked how much they were (free!). So they gave me one. I toild them, “I have a Canadian friend who’s a minion of yours, and she couldn’t be here tonight because she’s too busy being Canadian. Can she have one?” ‘Does she like Moxy Fruvous,?” asked Paul. “YES!,” I said. “Than of course!,” said Paul, and gave me an entire stack. They both signed to of the stickers, one for me and one for Jade. But that’s not even the best part! Then, Storm asked which Canadian minion Jade was, “the one with the lip ring, or the one with ‘minion’ written on her forehead? Because we have two Canadian minions.” Jade, they totally recognized you! I told them which one you were, and they said they liked your glasses. :D
  • It's raining outside

    14 Sep 2008, 19:49

    Life is interesting.
    It's raining outside.
    Usually rain is exciting and fresh. Today there is a different kind of rain. it's calm, peaceful, and maybe a little sad. Not mega-depressed sad, but just slightly sorrowful. Bittersweet. It's cold and dark outside.
    I was playing the piano when i accidentally played a chord progression that sounded just like the one in Weezer's 'Island In The Sun'. It made me feel a strange urge to listen to that song, so I did. Over and over. it suited my mood so well, I can't even explain it. It was a great contrast to the world outside my window.
    It makes me miss summer and the beach. And friends. It reminds me of when Jade was here and we'd go to the beach and just kind of float in the water and look at the sunset. I miss Jade. I miss friends. I miss free time. I miss relaxing.
    Yet I feel strangely ok right now. I think we can choose how we live. I don't want to choose to be sad, life is to short for that. I know that's cliched, but as humans we're constantly running out of time, so we might as well enjoy what we have. It really is a treat to be conscious; most things in the universe don't have that privilege. Instead of being sad I feel joy at the thought I am one of the lucky few who are able to perceive something as complex as sadness. There are some things in life that are really cool. This music sounds really great, this strawberry jam tastes really sweet, and I have a computer with which I can talk to people I love that live faraway (when it works). I am amused that there are pictures in crooked frames hanging on my wall. I set my pet frogs free yesterday, because they looked unhappy. I have pens that write in every colour. If there's a song about an ant crawling up your back at a phone number in Brooklyn, how bad a place can the world be?
    I think i'm going to go outside and dance in the rain.
  • First Day Analysis

    2 Sep 2008, 20:59

    Well, school started today. I'm a senior this year. Yippee! I should probably be doing my AP chem homework, but in the world in which I choose to live, AP stands for 'advanced procrastination', something I'm only too good at, so I'll summarize my day instead.

    1st hour AP chem-
    I like my teacher, Mr. Lukow. The first thing he did was tell the class no food or drinks in the classroom, except for water. Annie Sanders says "how can you tell if it's water or not?', to which Mr. Lukow replied, "I am a CHEMIST. I have multiple ways of determining whether or not this is water." He proceeded to run tests on her monster energy drink, drawing the conclusion that it was not water. He then asked Mr. DeWitt, who was passing by, to confirm that the hypothesis that the drink was not water was feasible. Mr DeWitt replied "based on it's colour and viscosity, i'd guess it's not water. But it'd still spiral the wrong way out the sink." After which he winked at me.
    I love science teachers.

    2nd hour choir-
    I'm in the advanced women's ensemble this year. This is the first year i've been in an auditioned choir, and I don't know what to expect because every women's choir I've ever been in sucked. Seems promising so far, though.

    3rd hour AP psych -
    Don't care much for Mr. De Leon. He4's kind of boring. Class sounds cool though. Also, I'm bummed that I was going to have this class with Robert, but he switched to 2nd hour. :(

    4th hour AP calc-
    This class scares the shit out of me.
    I hate math, and Mrs. Meyer is kind of a bitch, but Mr. Kinsler (my favouritest teacher evah) runs the afterschool help sessions, and if I pass the AP test I can get ELEVEN free collage credits, and the oppourtunity to never have to take math again as long as I live. I'ma give it a try.

    5th hour newspaper journalism -
    I'm one of only 3 returning students, the rest are mostly freshmen. This is a little scary, because I'm afraid we'll either bomb or i'll be forced to pick up slack. On the other hand, I get a lot of privileges and authority. A lot of people look up to me, and I get to write all over people's first drafts in red ink, telling them what they did wrong. This has always been a dream of mine. :D
    It's going to be hard to live up to Allie, though. She's been editor-in-chief for the past 3 years and is pretty much a journalism goddess. In her sophomore year, she wrote what Strobes, and most of us, considers the best thing to ever get published in The West Ottawan. It was a satirical piece that actually inspired riots in our school - she had to be followed by security guards for almost a month afterwards. No one shoudl have to follow in footsteps like that.

    My basket also fell off my bike today on the way home. Hooray.
  • School tomorrow :(

    1 Sep 2008, 22:30

    I start school tomorrow. So not looking forward to this. Seems like this summer went much faster than any other summer has. :( I might not have time to be online much; I'm taking 3 AP classes this year, which means probably a lot of homework. I don't know how I got talked into taking AP calc, I hate math and I'm not even good at it. And then, on top of this, I'm going to be editor on our school paper this year. Cool, but this pretty much means for sure the death of my social life. :(

    In other news, I think I'm definitely obsessed with the song This Is Where It Ends. It's just one of those songs that always cheers you up, and I love the line "Call the police and call the press, but please, dear God, don't tell my friends." And "i don't cry everytime I bleed; my eyes are dry, but they're bloodshot." And of course, there's the classic "mental health is overrated" - so true! :D
  • I have a blog

    27 Ago 2008, 20:34

    I have a blog now. I doubt I'll ever do anything great with it, but I thought it might be fun.
  • Ira Glass in a musical

    20 Ago 2008, 21:52

    ... would rock. Sorry, guys, it hasn't happened yet. But what if?
    You may wonder where I got that idea.
    I got it here: http://www.box.net/shared/ot39xe7go4
    The moment I heard Ira's awkward singing, I knew he needed to be in a musical. I've officially added it to the list of things I want to see before I die.

    What kind of musical would it be? It would have to be a dramatic story of personal struggle, where, at the climax of the tale, the protagonist recites a timeless monologue about what he learned or realized, not un-TAL-like.
    And it would be about Ira's hard start in radio as a tapecutter for All Things Considered, and his struggle for...

    No. That would be corny.

    Perhaps it would simply be a musical episode of TAL, where all the contributors and guests sing everything.

    Wait, that's more corny.

    I've got it! It will be a random musical, I don't particularly care what about. But it will have Ira Glass in a fairly large singing role. Sarah Vowell will also be in it. And TMBG, and... Stephen Colbert. Now that would be a beard drencher.

    Time to go off on a tangent about life and crap! Here is where you stop reading if you don't actually care about my personal life, problems, and crazed nonsensical thoughts.

    I don't even know where to start, so I'll pick the beginning...
    As of last week, I'm completely addicted to This American Life, so I've been listening to a lot of that and NPR in general lately; it's my new "phase". That doesn't necessarily mean any old 'phases' are over, it just means that I've listened to half the music I usually do because I'm listening to radio journalism. Weird, I know.
    Like I said, over soon, maybe.

    One thing that probably won't be over anytime soon is my admiration of Mr. Ira Glass. When I first saw him in Gigantic, he was an ugly man with a funny voice. Now, he's one of my favourite people.

    When I became addicted to TAL, I naturally wrung the internet of all things Ira, including a buttload of interviews.
    Reading these, combined with TAL-listening, I became more and more aware of both how intelligent and observant he is, and of how much some of him reminds me of...


    Let me explain: I've always wanted to be a musician (similarities between Ira and I don't start yet :D). The problem is/was, I didn't know how. So I thought i'd try taking some pages from the books of my favourite musicians. That means John Linnell.

    The problem is, I'm nothing like John, and can never be (it's not a bad thing; I wouldn't want to marry a male version of myself). John writes music quickly and effortlessly. Beautiful melodies flow naturally from his imagination. Unreliable narrators almost form themselves. He can write the ideal 'perfect song' 'between lunch and dinner''. And does so frequently. I can't.

    I hate the word 'can't', but I've tried enough to make me sick to replicate his songwritting style in hopes I can come up with somethign I actually like. Not only is this style stressful on me, but unlike John, I'm never satisfied with my product (John, I'm guessing, doesn't often doubt his work, seeing as he has said he doesn't think about what his songs mean and has before made up lyrics simply because they fit the melody. If he doubted his quality he'd probably be more self-conscious of what he's doing).

    Because I don't like what I have, I resort to assuming I'm lazy, I'm weak, I need to try harder, or I just plain suck (which can be remedied by hard practice).

    That's how I rolled until yesterday, when I read a certain Ira Glass quote:
    "...You can criticize yourself to a point to do something better, or you criticize yourself to a point where you inhibit yourself....".

    OH. MY. GOD.

    It immediately made so much sense to me. In reality, there are probably many others who have realized this and could've told me that. I probably have heard it before, in fact, But never like that. The way he said it resonated with me personally and I finally realized wallowing in self-loathing, insulting myself, and wondering why I suck so much isn't the answer, but rather what is pushing me from the .answer'.

    Everytime I think about what I want to do for the rest of my life, the reason I don't want to embark on a bold artistic career is that I've coerced myself into believing that I suck, and will end up living in a box. I can't feel confident as a musician.

    Ira's words make me wonder if he hadn't gone through the same thing; pushing himself to better himself so much that he actually drove himself deeper in to the metaphorical 'ground'. He claims he spent a long while pre-TAl as a tapecutter for All Things Considered because he was a good tape cutter, bad reporter.

    Maybe he used to have a lot of self-lothing. In fact, maybe he still does. Maybe it's not entirely bad.
    I read: "Despite his professional success [Ira] remains amiably self-deprecating and admits to frequent bouts of diffidence".

    Diffidence? A thing I associate myself closely with, on a man who always seems to like the person he is and value highly his own opinion?
    Ira always seemed to be a little pretentious.

    The thing is, if there's one thing I like to be, it's pretentious. I laugh inwardly at conservatives, jocks, or people who read Twilight books and listen to Radiohead, loving every second of knowing, or believing, that I have elite tastes. I wouldn't change the way I am for ANYTHING.

    And yet, I am shy, bashful, and all together unconfident in my abilities and self-worth. Sometime I even ask myself, "why do I suck at everything?"
    You know, diffidence.

    I don't know how one can be pretentious and yet diffident, but apparently Ira and I both can, and it helps me feel better.

    If Ira had similar problems to mine, if he is or was a similar person, I can now believe that I can succeed regardless of how indecisive or diffident I can be.
    If I can believe that he could be a tapecutter, unsuccessful for years while slowly coming up with the idea for the best radio program that ever existed, finally to be put in motion at the age of 27...
    I can believe that even if I'm unsuccessful for years, the 'answer' is to work on my music at my own pace, setting reasonable standards, until I finally come up with something I can be proud of. Hopefully at an age younger than 27, but we'll see.

    Ira, while not musical, is the kind of person I need as a rolemodel. I feel such a load off my back no longer thinking that I have to have an album done before I leave highschool that I can consider of comparable standard to what I listen to.
    He is someone I feel deeply connected to; related to in a way.

    Next time I see him in Gigantic, it'll be impossible to think of him just as the guy with the weird voice. Thank you, Ira.

    Oh god, did I ever rant. 6:00 already?
    To anyone who read this all: thanks, and I swear, it sounded better in my head. :D

    -Ana M. Weaver