Songs with Unintentionally Funny Titles.


16 Ene 2008, 0:00

These are just songs I have that have titles that I find humorous...

Bleeker Street - Hahaha...Paulie Bleeker is totally boss.

Hey Brother - "Hey brother!" - Buster Bluth, Arrested Development.

Marry Me - "...Marry me!" - Maeby Funke, Arrested Development. Note: She actually allegedly named her album after this AD quote. X3

Canada VS America - Winner: Canada, duh!

Pleasure Ryland - Okay, I think this is actually intentionally funny. Hahaha, pleasure RYLAND...pleasure island, pleasure Ryland, get it?

Clocks and In My Place - When I was scrolling down, it looked like they had combined to be one song called "Clocks in My Place".

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex - Also possibly intentionally funny. This is sort of a given.

The Blower's Daughter - Haha. Blow. I'mimmature X3.

Don't You Want Me - Wow. Self-obsessed, much?

Rubbernecking - Gives me mental images involving rubber chickens...making out...O___O

Combat Baby - A soldier baby. X3 Plus, this is fun to say. Combatbabycombatbabycombatbaby...

Girlppi - Pronounced "Girl-pee"...XDD

Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - This is actually sort of more disturbing than funny. But it's P!ATD, so of course the title's stupid!

Misery Business - I just find this hysterically stupid. "I'm in the business of misery!" That cracks me up for some reason.

Who You Callin' Bitch? - YOU, Maria. Yeah, YOU.

I Wish You Had an Axe Guitar - "What's an axe guitar?" "It's like a guitar that's shaped like an axe!"

Ultra Relax - There are degrees to relaxation now?

She Blinded Me With Science - OH NOEZ! THE SCIENCE! IT'S BLINDING MEH!

And that concludes this segment of "Songs with Unintentionally Funny Titles". BYEEE~



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