absolutely amazing addictive addictive as fuck albums i own amazing amazing synths anchor compartment anima arabian as good as lasagna and thats saying something because you know how i am with lasagna… aurikku is my otp awesome awesome lyrics badass beautiful beautiful voices best of 2009 best of 2010 best of 2011 best remixes ever best shit ive ever heard better than the original boom boom boom can i get another clap clap clap cant get it out of my head cant quit listening catchy catchy as hell chill club cover crack crack crack crack damn right double badass eerie epic epic remix epik fucking high epik rap favorite albums ever favorite songs ever fierce finally found this shit fuck yeah fucking awesome fucking epic fucking love this give me back my fucking pic-a-nic basket you son of a bitch glow in the dark good shit gorgeous gtfo kanye haunting hot hot like fiyah how the hell did i ever not like this i bet they play this in zanarkand i hate saxophones i heard this on music choice and flipped my shit i i i i like the real shit if this were a pokemon i would catch it insaaaaane its jay fucking chou jenkins love at first listen makes my heart soar musicians with extremely sexy voices my anthem my friends are fucking awesome my love for this song is bigger than the gingerbread mans vitality mystical needmorefromthisartist nostalgic oh god yes oh my god oh yeah ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeah omg omg again one million pounds of sugar one of the best songs ever known to mankind owning my soul please let me lick you pop tarts ralph reminds me of red wine and sweaty panty hose sad shiny goddess songs for the middle of the night songs that grabbed my heart and soul and will never let go again songs with healing powers this is the best ever top is fucking badass trance tribal turn the bass up turn the music up why wish this was longer witchy yes