Two Years And Running


29 Sep 2007, 16:14

Registered: 24 Sep 2005
Tracks played: 34987
Avg tracks per day: 47,9
Top Artist: Don Caballero 1074 plays
Top Track: June Is Finally Here 103 plays
Top Album (of those registering correctly): Too Legit for the Pit: Hardcore Takes the Rap 264 plays
Posts: 85
Journals: 6 (this is the 7th)
Latest greatest discoveries: Tenebre, Kanye West, Dilute, Gil Scott-Heron and lots of great instrumental music.
Current Music: My Recommendations Radio

As far as statistics go, nothing changed much over the year, same top artist, same top song, same top album, same avg. tracks per day. But no statistics can truly tell what has been happening :)


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