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ArtesiaL'appel des esprits ayer por la noche
ArtesiaTerres Perdues Tema favorito ayer por la noche
ArtesiaChant d'Automne Tema favorito ayer por la noche
ArtesiaLe haut bois ayer por la noche
ArtesiaIrree Seose ayer por la noche
ArtesiaL'Hiver Est Là Tema favorito ayer por la noche
ArtesiaLe refuge Tema favorito ayer por la noche
ArtesiaLa maison des feins Tema favorito ayer por la noche
ArtesiaEntrelacs ayer por la noche
ArtesiaL'appel des esprits ayer por la noche
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  • nDroae

    Thanks for the add :) Heh, I never know where I'll see something from Angel's Egg....

    14 Feb 23:17 Responder
  • Drostanxxx

    thanks for the request - hope you found some good good gothic doom metal \\m/

    9 Feb 23:09 Responder
  • Gula1

    Ja tam Comę lubię, dwie piosenki wręcz kocham *.*

    7 Feb 17:45 Responder
  • aurate_

    Dzięki Kartofelku <3 :D

    5 Feb 15:36 Responder
  • Kennoth

    Thank you. :) You have an awesome taste yourself. Hmm let's see, you have a pretty big library.... I noticed you don't have The Foreshadowing in your library, you should totally check out their first album Days of Nothing. And I'm a bit surprised that you don't seem to have Katatonia either.

    4 Feb 16:43 Responder
  • ThemisNyx

    Yes, you're right! ;) Thank you! Your 'about me' is also great :) What music genre would you be most interested in to get recommendations? :)

    1 Feb 19:23 Responder
  • ThemisNyx

    Hi and thanks for the add! :)

    1 Feb 18:27 Responder
  • JimJamJamieJoo

    Yes, I absolutely adore ALI PROJECT, they're my favourite! I discovered them when watching the anime Another. At first it was Arika's lower voice and vibrato in the verses that I loved, but soon I became hooked on their addicting sound, and eventually ended up with almost all their music! Do you have a favourite album or song? I LOVE their latest album, it's incredible!

    26 Ene 21:16 Responder
  • Mathias_705

    Hmm I've never heard of the OFF Festival, where is it? It's big? :P

    22 Ene 13:43 Responder
  • Mathias_705

    Now I'm studying media at Umeå university (I think I lived in a city called Halmstad when we first chated). It's a very broad program so I think it's good for the future:) You wanna become a teacher or something?

    22 Ene 13:40 Responder
  • Mathias_705

    Don't forget Ride and Lush, they have some amazing stuff too:)

    21 Ene 15:34 Responder
  • Mathias_705

    Haha when I first downloaded Loveless I seriously thought that the files were corrupted or something. "Is it really supposed to sound like this??" That was like 5 years ago. I love them both but I tend to listen more to Slowdive nowadays :P

    21 Ene 15:32 Responder
  • Mathias_705

    Hey! Sorry I don't really remember :P did you use to have red hair? Then maybe I know who you are. I'm fine! Lots of things to do for uni though but it's fun too:) How are u?

    21 Ene 15:30 Responder
  • Gula1

    No widzisz :D Trafił swój na swego <3

    19 Ene 20:38 Responder
  • Profoundemonium

    Les Modules Etranges' Fragile Flesh EP has quite an Estrella-like sound you might enjoy. I forgot about this band! :)

    21 Nov 2014 Responder
  • Profoundemonium

    Yes I have been obsessed with Lycia for many years! Unfortunately I don't know anyone who sounds quite the same but first I would make the obvious suggestion of the Tara Vanflower, Mike Vanportfleet and David Galas solo albums. Tara has also appeared as a guest in the band Methadrone who you may want to try. Other than that I would recommend the early ethereal bands on the Project label such as This Ascension, Love Spirals Downwards and Soul Whirling Somewhere. Finally there is Somnolence who are very influenced by Lycia as you may notice in Reverence but some of their tracks have a more metal influence. You can find a few Lycia rarities on my Youtube channel. Hope that helps! :)

    11 Nov 2014 Responder
  • tryingtofly

    angels egg fan!!! omg <3 <3 ^_^

    22 May 2014 Responder
  • michael_yatesy

    Well thank you, you have a great library yourself! I see you're listening to the new Epica and DiM albums. I'm waiting until I've bought TQE myself, what do you think of it? Diabulus in Musica are one of my favourite symphonic metal bands these days, Argia is really great!

    12 May 2014 Responder
  • M-arius

    Where did you get Memento? :-O

    9 May 2014 Responder
  • EsPirItusCA

    please, can you send me the song Memento(Epica)? PLEASE :c

    9 May 2014 Responder
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Polski Fanklub Within Temptation

If I was a bird in your hand
Longing for a new Fairyland
You've opened up my door
You've set me free
Always would return to your hand

If I was a Pearl on the Ground
Only deep blue Sea all around
But you would find my Light
You'll rescue me
One day, when all my calls will resound

seen live: (some as support)

Within Temptation (x5)
Epica (x4)
Closterkeller (x5)
Emilie Autumn
Delain (x2)
Lacrimosa (x2)
The Cure
The Sisters of Mercy
The Rasmus
The Agonist
Anneke van Giersbergen
The Dead and the Living
XIII. století
Guano Apes
Battle Beast
Adam Cohen
Voices of Destiny
Mai Bloomfield
At the Lake
Selah Sue
Miss Montreal
Batalion D'Amour
65 days of static
Diablo Blvd
Snow Patrol
The Dirty Youth
Threat Signal
Mors Principium Est
Lecter (x2)
Bracia Figo Fagot (x2)

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