• Bands I've Seen Live

    5 Ago 2011, 16:28

    Ace Bushy Striptease [x2]
    Acres of Lions
    Adebisi Shank [x2]
    Adults, The Elderly & Children
    Amongst Brothers
    And So I Watch You From Afar [x6]
    Arcane Roots [2]
    Axes [x4]
    Axis Of [x4]
    Bear Calvary [x6]
    Ben Marwood
    Bermuda Ern [x2]
    Biffy Clyro [x2]
    Black Tide
    Bloody Mammals
    Body Hound
    Bombay Bicycle Club [x4]
    The Brilliantly Simple
    Bring Me The Horizon
    Brontide [x2]
    The Bronze Medal
    Cancer Bats
    Canterbury [x4]
    Chad Valley
    Cold Summer
    Colly Strings [x3]
    The Computers [x2]
    Concrete Knives
    Crash of Rhinos [x2]
    Crushing Blows
    Dad Rocks
    Dananananaykroyd [x2]
    Dan Croll
    The Darcy’s
    Delta Sleep [x4]
    Dinosaur Pile Up [x2]
    Dir En Grey
    Dismemberment Plan [x2]
    The Divers
    Dog Is Dead [x2]
    Dragons That Make Love To Pandas
    Drones [x2]
    Echo Lake
    Elliot Minor
    El Ten Eleven [x2]
    Empty Pools
    Enter Shikari [x4]
    Everything Everything [x3]
    Family Force 5
    Fighting Fiction
    Fight Like Apes
    Fighting With Wire [x3]
    Freeze the Atlantic [x5]
    Frightened Rabbit [x3]
    The Front Bottoms [x3]
    Fuck Buttons
    Future of the Left [x2]
    The Futureheads
    General Fiasco
    Glass Mazes
    Gunning For Tamar [x5]
    Her Parents [x3]
    Hold Your Horse Is [x2]
    Hyro Da Hero
    I Saved Latin
    Ian Clarke
    In Case Of Fire
    Islet [x2]
    James Galway
    Jamie Lenman [x2]
    Jetplane Landing [x2]
    Joey Fourr
    Johnny Foreigner [x15] (my bbys)
    Jurassic Pop
    Katie Malco
    Keaton Henson
    Key of Atlas [x2]
    L’amour La Morgue
    Lanterns on the Lake
    Layers [x4]
    Los Campesinos! [x2]
    Lost Ground
    Luke Barham
    Lucy Rose [x3]
    Maximo Park
    Maybeshewill [x2]
    Midfield Workhorse [xtoomany]
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    Minus The Bear
    More Than Conquerors [x6]
    My First Tooth [x6]
    Neck Deep
    Olympians [x2]
    Our Lost Infantry [x3]
    Oxygen Thief
    Pandas and People
    Passion Pit
    A Plastic Rose [x3]
    Playlounge [x5]
    The Phantom Band
    The Physics House Band
    Polio [x2]
    Pulled Apart By Horses
    Quiet Lions
    Rainy Boy Sleep
    Rise Against
    Rolo Tomassi
    Salvation Bill
    Screaming Maldini [x2]
    Scuba Dice
    Silhouette [x2]
    Snow Patrol
    Someone Died
    Sparky Deathcap
    The Spills
    Stagecoach [x14] (other bbys)
    The Starries
    Stephen Clarke [x2]
    Stephen Davidson [x3]
    Suffer Like G Did [x3]
    Summer Camp
    Swim Deep
    Talons [x3]
    Tall Ships [x5]
    Tangled Hair
    Tellison [x5]
    Tera Melos [x2]
    Three Trapped Tigers
    TTNG [x4]
    Twin Atlantic [x3]
    Tyrannosaurus Dead [x2]
    USA Nails
    Waking Aida
    Washington Irvin
    The Whiskey Years
    We Are The Physics [x3]
    We Are Romans
    We Are Scientists
    We Were Promised Jetpacks
    Westlife [x3]
    Wot Gorilla?
    Yes Rebels
    You Slut!
    Young Legionnaire
    Your Demise
    Yr Friends
    4 or 5 Magicians
    65DaysOfStatic [x3]
  • Enter Shikari 11/12/09

    13 Dic 2009, 1:51

    Fri 11 Dec – Enter Shikari, Canterbury, DJ Pdex

    For a relatively new, unknown band they got a decent response from the packed out venue, even getting the whole crowd to sing the melodic line in their last song; 'Friends? We're More Like A Gang'. The entire band was enthusiastic and lively, jumping around the stage and getting completely involved in the music. Although they may not have gotten the best response from the crowd, and their music did not really suit the rest of the line-up, they respectively met fans in the reception, signing anything handed to them. For their first time in Belfast, they unquestionably did a good job.

    DJ Pdex
    PDex was, quite frankly, amazing. He got the whole crowd jumping and screaming, even though a majority of the people there wouldn't usually listen to DubStep and the type of music PDex plays. From start to finish the crowd was a mass of jumping bodies, with a lot less moshing and Pdex's set gave no time to stop moving. It was a solid list with no breaks, playing his own remix's of Wonderwall by Oasis and some remix's of the Prodigy too. PDex's music was fantastic, definately setting the mood for Shikari.

    Enter Shikari

    As the headline act, Enter Shikari had a lot expected of them from the anxiously awaiting Belfast crowd, and the excitement in the air was almost literal. The screams left the voice at the start of 'Common Dreads' almost inaudiable with a unanimous chanting of "We Must Unite" which was abandoned for even louder screams when the band came on stage. All at once Shikari and the crowd were one, receiting "Here tonight i clock a thousand heads, here to unite through common dreads" along with Rou as well as breaking into mosh pits and frantic thrashing with the transition into 'Solidarity'. The bands performance was energetic as Rou ran across the stage placing his foot on any object he could and screaming the lyrics into his microphone. The setlist was exactly what it needed to be, incorporating both their new and old tracks, playing exceptionally fantastic renditions of 'The Feast', 'Gap In The Fence' and 'The Jester' . During 'No Sleep Tonight' Rou stopped the song to contend with a security guard for trying to throw a young boy out of the venue for moshing. He started a chant of "In in in" and then professionally attempted to find a good place to start the song again. During the break, the crowd started singing "You're not gettting any sleep tonight" over and over until the music started again. The highlights were obvious; the unison of the "Mate! What the fuck are you on about!" during 'Zzzonked' and the collective screaming of the "No Sweat. No Tears. No Guilt". The encore was frankly, incredible with the almost full capacity of 400 simultaneously clapping in 'Sorry, You're Not A Winner' and the hectic moshing and circle pits during 'Juggernauts' . As the band disappeared backstage, the crowd reluctantly left, dripping with sweat accompanied with their throats hoarse from screaming and singing.

    Despite the frankly ridiculious time taken to set up between acts, the gig was a mind blowing joining of professional, experienced bands who gave their absolute everything in the unreal performances.