Too old to Rock'n Roll but too young to die


3 Feb 2008, 17:22

Starting as a Blues - band in 1963, the musicians of The Blades ,
Ian Anderson, guitar and harp,
Jeffrey Hammond, bass,
John Evans, piano,
Michael Stephens, guitar and
Barrie Barlow on drums
changed the name and the members.
First they were called John Evan Band, later on John Evan's Smash.
Mr. Hammond was replaced by
Glenn Cornick
Mr. Stephens by
Mick Abrahams
and Mr. Barlow by
Clive Bunker.
Mr. Evans left and his place kept empty.
The name of the band turned into

* Jethro Tull

In 1968 the first album was created -

- This Was
filled with - you guess - blues
and the first flute sounds, played by Ian Anderson.
Mr. Abrahams did not like the changes of the sound and left to create
* Blodwyn Pig
Martin Lancelot Barre joined in.
The next album released in 1969 was called

- Stand Up
and the first pieces of jazz, folk and classics were integrated.

- Benefit
the third album fallowed in 1970 and John Evans returned.
The songs changed into harder and darker forms.
Next musicians to change - Mr. Cornick left and
Mr. Hammond-Hammond ( ! ) returned to play the bass
on the following disc in 1971 called

- Aqualung
The new Jethro Tull sound is now called artrock,
drummers changed - Mr. Bunker joined Blodwyn Pig,
Mr. Barriemore Barlow ( ! ) returned -
and a concept album was recorded in 1972 named

- Thick as a Brick
To show what happened since the beginning,
another ( double ) album was recorded in 1972
which included old singles, new material and two
live recordings from the year 1970 going by the name

- Living In The Past

The following year, 1973 the second concept album

- A Passion Play
got along.

- War Child
recorded in 1974 again contained conceptional ideas.
The next phase of sound Jethro Tull went into
beginning in the year 1975 with

- Minstrel in the Gallery
was called folk.The next change of musicians -
Mr. Hammond-Hammond went away
and along came
John Glascock to play the bass on the disc
recorded in 1976

- Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!
David Palmer joined to play keyboard in 1977
on the albums

- Songs From the Wood

- Heavy Horses
and the double live album

- Bursting Out
both recorded in 1978.

1979 is the year of

- Stormwatch
and the death of John Glascock. The sound altered to
dark rock, no folk at all.
Again the musicians changed in 1980 for

- A
Dave Pegg now on bass
Eddie Jobson keyboard and
Mark Craney on drums.
Mr. Evans, Mr. Palmer and Mr. Barlow got away.
Next disc - next musicians. 1982

- Broadsword And The Beast
was recorded which showed
Peter John Vitesse who replaced Mr. Jobson on keyboard and
Gerry Conway replacing Mr. Craney on drums
1984 was the year for the album

- Under Wraps
without Mr. Conway and the new drummer
Doanne Perry.
In 1987 Mr. Vitesse was replaced by
Martin Allcock for a disk called

- Crest Of A Knave
The sound now was called heavy metal.
In 1988 the band was celebrating

- 20 Years of Jethro Tull
The next album recorded in 1989 was called

- Rock Island
followed in 1991 by

- Catfish Rising
Mr. Allcock was replaced by
Andy Giddings
and Dave Pegg was replaced by bass player
Matt Pegg
And for the next live disk recorded in 1992

- A Little Light Music
Mr. Perry was replaced by
David Mattacks.
1993 was the time for 25th

- The Anniversary Collection

- Nightcap: The Unreleased Masters 1973-1991
and in 1995 the disk named

- Roots To Branches
with the return of Mr. Perry on drums and Dave Pegg and
Steve Baily
playing bass was recorded. Mr. Mattacks and Matt Pegg left.
Since 1999 the leaving of Mr. Bailey and Mr. Pegg
and the new album

- J-Tull Dot Com
the musicians are
Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Doane Perry,
Andrew Giddings, and new bass player
Jonathan Noyce

In 2002 the live recording

- Living With The Past
in 2003

- The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
in 2005 the two live albums

- Nothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970

- Aqualung Live
and in 2007

- The Best Of Acoustic Jethro Tull

ended it up till now.


  • ConsumerComrade

    Nice concise history. I was a huge fan back in the early to mid 70's. Aqualung was one of the first albums I ever purchased. I saw them live in Omaha, Nebraska USA during their Songs From the Wood tour. My musical tastes changed in the late 70's due primarily to the punk movement so that was the last of their albums I bought. However I still love the early stuff and dust off my vinyl copies every once in a while to give them a listen.

    10 Feb 2008, 1:42
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