2010 Lookin` back. Music overview.


31 Dic 2010, 11:49

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This time, to make the review of opening for 2010 where it is easier, in many respects the diary, precisely embodying all my reviews of new albums helps.

Discovery of the Year. Artist
Dark Moor

I thought, I cannot be surprised by power-metal groups. Probably, can in group there is also nothing, but I in it have found something)
And still the voice at the soloist is extremely associative)

Discovery of the Year. Album
...and the best album of 2010
Tarja - "What Lies Beneath"

The Source of Inspiration! That voice, that music... Does heaven sounds like Tarja?

Track of the Year
1. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
Surprise! Suddenly... No, I don`t like Lady GaGa, but I listen her(((

Top 10 best tracks

1. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
2. Luna Aeterna – Прибой - (Song about suicide, sadly...)
3. Tarja – Anteroom of Death
4. Lady Gaga – Alejandro
5. Amorphis – Skyforger
6. Septem Voices – Сны Любви
7. Tarja – Falling Awake
8. Gregorian – Don't leave me now
9. Septem Voices – Как Ты Можешь Ждать
10. Tarja – The Archive of Lost Dreams

Albums listened in 2010
New for me:

Amethystium - "Isabliss"

- Dark Moor - "Autumnal"

- Tarja - "What Lies Beneath"

Best album in 2010

Amorphis - "Magic & Mayhem - Tales From The Early Years"

- Robert Euvino - "Stronghold Soundtrack"

- Paul Romero, Rob King & Steve Baca - "Heroes of Might and Magic V"

Lacuna Coil - "Shallow Life"

Secret Garden - "Once in a Red Moon"

Era - "CLASSICS" и "Classics II"

Amethystium - "Aphelion"

Almost Alice - OST (Alice in Wonderland)

- Danny Elfman - "Alice In Wonderland OST"


  • K_i_m_i

    Со вкусом:) У меня Тарья до 20-ки не дотянулась, но у меня, наверное, конкурентов больше :D)

    1 Ene 2011, 18:50
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