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23 Abr 2009, 0:59

So basically, I'm having a hard time understanding the whole, "loving" tracks here on last.fm. Like, to me it's just the same as rating a song 5 stars on iTunes, but with only two options, not 6.

Like, why would I listen to a song I rated low, or don't love? It seems pointless to me in that regard. If I don't love a song, I just remove it. If I don't like the artist, well, same thing.

I hope that answers anybody's questions about why I have so many loved tracks.


  • davidsmind

    Interesting. I use last.fm to document all my listening and I spend most of that time seeking out new music. Rarely do I listen to an album more than twice, yet I can very easily love one or more tracks on said album. I use the love track thing to signify something worth taking another look at months, maybe years, down the road. But as for now I just keep movin on, and experiencing new music.

    4 Dic 2009, 1:12
  • MagnesiaNova

    I just use it for songs that I *particularly* like a lot.

    8 Abr 2010, 4:20
  • Ackibear

    I was doing that, but then I realised I just like heaps of them, so I just liked the songs from artists and bands I enjoy a lot. Some day I'll start unliking stuff, but it might be a while from now.

    11 Abr 2010, 7:56
  • Abroxas

    That's the reason why I do not love any tracks. I tried, but I realized that I cannot draw a line. Also, expressing your opinion about things like music or art in general (loving tracks is somehow binary) is futile.

    28 May 2012, 12:15
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