Everyone does this, so do I


2 Ene 2011, 11:59

This is that journal where you type your top X artists and then write the 1st song heard, most loved one, and the most loved one at the moment, so lets start... I'll state from 5-10 artists dunno :D

1. As I Lay Dying
First song heard: Confined
Most loved song: Repeating Yesterday (brings back sooo much memories :/)
Most loved at the moment: Parallels

2. Bring Me the Horizon
First song heard: Pray for Plagues (I disliked it so much ^^)
Most loved song: It Never Ends
Most loved at the moment: Home Sweet Hole

3. Parkway Drive
First song heard: Deadweight (Or it was Sleepwalker? Who cares? :D)
Most loved song: Home Is For The Heartless
Most loved at the moment: Carrion

4. The Devil Wears Prada
First song heard: Danger: Wildman
Most loved song: Anatomy (My ringtone! that chainsaw sound and then riff kicks in :O)
Most loved at the moment: Assistant to the Regional Manager

5. Architects
First song heard: Early Grave
Most loved song: Day In Day Out (Fuck you haters!)
Most loved at the moment: You'll Find Safety probably...

6. I Killed the Prom Queen
First song heard: Say Goodbye
Most loved song: Say Goodbye
Most loved at the moment: Say Goodbye (Most played song in my charts :D)

7. In Fear and Faith
First song heard: Live Love Die
Most loved song: Bones
Most loved at the moment: that would probably be I Know You Know

8. Blessthefall
First song heard: Higinia (yuck!)
Most loved song: Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted
Most loved at the moment: What's Left of Me

9. Underoath
First song heard: Reinventing Your Exit FlatOut2!
Most loved song: A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White
Most loved at the moment: In Division ...Living inside the hole they put me undergroooooun... love it.

10. Attack Attack (CRAB fucking CORE! :D)
First song heard: Stick Stickly
Most loved song: Smokahontas
Most loved at the moment: Renob, Nevada


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