• About Metropak

    15 Jul 2008, 17:44

    Metropak were an influential band in Edinburgh circa 1979/80. We were inspired by the New Wave/Punk explosion started at around that time when bands started their own independant labels and made their own records. We were contemporary in Edinburgh at that time with Fire Engines, TV Art, Josef K, Scars, Flowers, Rezillos, The Visitors, The Freeze, It's Over It's Over It's Over, Boots for dancing, Matt Vinyl and the Decorators, Jacki And All The Ones, I.O.3, The Ellas, The BBC, The Colour Group, The Cubs, Green Rayo, 35 mm Dreams, The Dirty Reds, Strange Daze and The Delmontes. Only Robin and Stephen were in it at first. Then Toni joined on drums, then Murray on Bass and soon Helen joined playing keyboards. We practised in Blair Street. Metropak played a number of venues in and around Edinburgh, including one at the Odeon with The Clash. Our first concert was at the Netherbow Theatre in Edinburgh on 27th January 1979. That year, the first two singles were recorded followed by the third one in 1980. The second and third singles were recorded at Tony Pilley's Barclay Towers recording studio in Edinburgh. In the autumn of 1980, Metropak went to New York and performed at The Mudd Club, Tier 3 and The UK Club...The songs 'You're A Rebel' and 'Here's Looking At You' are included on a American compilation album of bands from Scotland of the same era.(Messthetics 105, released February 2008)MetropakMetropakClose Up Records UKYou're A Rebel