• Relentless Reckless Forever - review.

    11 Mar 2011, 23:02

    Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever
    Today I decided to give COB's new album a listen, Kerrang had only given it 2 K’s, so I guess my expectations were pretty low from the second I pressed play.

    Starting with Not My Funeral The album definitely starts with a belter, true to Bodom's usual style. Stylistically it reminded me of material from Hate Crew Deathroll . Personally, I felt it was a good choice for the album opener, as it has some excellent riffs, and is packed with catchy melodies, and a pretty good chorus. Defiantly a good start. [8/10]

    Moving on to
    Shovel Knockout, Alexi starts the track with a massive growl, which sets the tone for the rest of the track. It's certainly grown on me, as I've listened to it more- and it's getting catchier with every listen. The guitars are pretty fierce, and I feel the solo is one of the strongest on the album. From the first two tracks it, it felt like the standard of the record had been set... [8/10]

    However, with Roundtrip to Hell and Back disappointment set in for me personally. It felt like the song, as a whole lacked in force, and energy- which previous Bodom tracks have thrived in. The song certainly felt like it had potential, but it feels like it misses something musically. It's one of those songs which I find easy to just listen to without paying much attention. [5/10]

    Disappointment aside, Pussyfoot Miss Suicide, revitalised the record for me. Opening with "You know, you go home and have a couple of shooters and i don't know what the fuck happens, but you come back you're not the same lady." reminded me of Follow the Reaper, with the intro. Therefore it made me optimistic for the track. It sounds heavy, and I can imagine it being sweet live. The riff just before the solo reminded me of the potential Bodom have, and the solo confirmed that they still can formulate the perfect track. [8/10]

    Relentless Reckless Forever in my opinion felt pretty weak. I don't feel like it should have been the title track in comparison to some of the others on here. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty decent, the verses are solid, but the chorus lacks potential. It's a bit bland- and I don't even remember how it goes any more! Yet another song which lacked energy for me I'm afraid. Also the ended seemed a little abrupt [6/10]

    On to Ugly. Beginning with a speedy riff, the precedent is set for the rest of the track. It definitely reminds me of some of Bodom's older material. Gotta say this is my favourite solo on the album, with the guitar sounding somewhat eighties-esque to say the least. [7/10]

    Cry of the Nihilist sounds somewhat different, in my opinion. However, at 3:31, being one of the shorter songs on the album- it didn't really give off a lot of impact. It felt like your average metal track personally, with no originality, when compared to other tracks. [4/10]

    Was It Worth It? made me feel like it was worth it though. Gotta say, this is my favourite track off the album. Starting with a kick-ass intro, the bar was raised high for the rest of the track. The chorus is the catchiest for me on the entire record- making up for the vocals on the verse, which sound a little weak due to the new style. Absolutely love the solo, as it's not your average 'let's see how fast I can shred for the whole duration'. Definately getting a little lastfm 'love' heart next to it. [10/10]

    Finally, Northpole Throwdown. Interesting title to say the last (haha). The intro with the heavy bass, and keys certainly attracted me to this. I love the riff throughout this, and have a feeling the lyrics are more personal to Alexi's demon's with alcohol - 'tequila shots killed me' etc. Yet another amazing solo here, going slightly crazy- but that's what I love about Bodom. Personally, I feel this song would sound epic live, so I'm hoping they put it on their set for the Ugly World Tour. [9/10]

    Overall, I feel the album was pretty good. I felt it was a bit short, with just 9 tracks, and 36 minutes running time. There were songs on here that sound really good, but others brought the quality down slightly. It might be a case of it growing on me, I can't really tell at the moment. I think people are instantly disappointed with the album as it's not as similar to the old records. I suggest going in with an open mind, and giving it a few listens.