100 canciones que necesitas para salir 100 songs you need to go out with 6025 absolutely great song album ender amazing americas truth detector and good things happen when jack gets bored aquellas canciones unicas que me hacen sentir cosas mas alla de lo imaginable por… art pop awesome awesome on a crappy album b-side badass music by badasses bay area be bop time beautiful beyond awesome blue caterwauling chantels cover cheesy choo-choo train cover creepy death domino emo epic florida for a band i used to like a lot this song sucks ass fucking awesome fucking perfect garage smasher girls in the garage glittering raspberry dancefloors groupe de filles hardcore punk heartache holy fuck its jack white again holy fucker this is a bob dylan song ohhhh shiiiiittttttttttt i hate the way you love i love you alison i will draw japan impossible for liberals to deal with is my brain small enough killer bass line lame location location location love is a deserter loved and lost mary-ann is a bitch masterpiece melancholy muzyka do tanczenia na stole my girl is a little animal she always wants to fuck my kill hand is called evil my payola not california uber alles not chemical warfare oh dear political post-shitcore proto-paramore reminds me of the subway remix ronnie spector sad scott walker sex sexy shangri-las rip off shit should be in a silent film something that makes sad things ok songs capable of making my heart melt stupid supergroup surf guitar surf punk teen tragedy thats just the way i smile the divine and the demonic theme from the dinah shore show theres always room for jello tick tick tick tick dead tick tick tick tick tick stop stop title is a full sentence to have an horrific day twatlight vv wanna be bjork wanna be discount what if the earth opened up beneath our feet where did this come from why wtf yawn yawn yawn