• Music of 2008

    15 Dic 2008, 23:43 de Quasimoto

    Ok, so here are my lists from 2008. I've expanded it a bit from what I did last year because it's been a much better year for music in my opinion. There are probably some glaring omissions here. I'm sure the new TV on the Radio album is brilliant but I just haven't given it a good enough listen to warrant including it here.


    1. Why? - Alopecia *Album of the year*
    Even though I haven't seen you in years, yours is a funeral I'd fly to from anywhere
    About three listens into Alopecia I knew already that it would be my album of the year. I got a major stalker-like obsession with this thing for a few weeks where I just didn't want to listen to anything else at all. I don't really know why I was so surprised by this- the Hymie's Basement album is one of my favourites of all time.

    Everything about this album is great. The lyrics are better as a whole than anything Why?, or indeed Yoni Wolf, has done previously and the music is just altogether more accessible and enjoyable. …
  • My top ten albums of 2008

    15 Dic 2008, 21:27 de adverseentropy

    I write a monthly column for my high school's newspaper, entitled Hyperbolic Histrionics. For the December issue, I chose to compile a list of my favorite albums of the year.

    1 Why? - Alopecia
    It's not that Alopecia is unclassifiable, rather that each track challenges preconceptions founded by its predecessors, sidestepping convention but maintaining the band's signature for the subtle theatrical and sometimes discomforting honesty. It seems that, after a slew of releases from and equally formidable array of projects and aliases, mastermind Yoni Wolf has finally perfected his blend of monotone/singsong hip-hop, unparalleled wordplay and impossible payoffs. The instrumentation is unique and, despite itself, infectious, and low points are exceedingly difficult to find. Opener The Vowels Pt. 2 doesn't hesitate to light a fire under the ass of the listener ("I'm not a lady's man, I'm a landmine"), one that will not be doused for the ensuing forty-five minutes. …
  • The fall of Mister Fifths

    9 Jul 2008, 2:01 de Arhielanto

    Why? - The Fall of Mr. Fifths

    just another sunday paddleboat ride
    on a man made lake with another lady stanger
    if i remain lost and die on a cross
    at least i wasn't born in a manger
    i can sense somewhere right now being prayed for
    seems like i always arrive on the same shore
    from where my sails set maybe with one less lady
    than my vessel left with, is that a threat
    oh i've stayed scarce this last year yes
    but be assured in unrest
    i'm unavoidable like death this christmas
    is this twisted why be upset
    i never said i didn't have syphillis miss listless
    hard like the bricks i pound my fists with
    i mean she's hard like the bricks that i pound with my fists

    this is the fall of mr fifths
    forged for the hordes
    and the ladies and lords
    cept the fat cords in modern english
    i know, i know
    this must be more revealing
    than the sound of high heels
    down the marble tile hallways
    of your distict's one allotted
    city funded steiner school bilingual
  • Various Setlists

    8 Dic 2007, 16:06 de halighalie