• boxer & panty jigin trax

    9 Abr 2006, 22:51 de xonize

    Ok....the title might sound crazy, well it is crazy but not as much as you might think....i beg you to read on journalites !

    Set the scene:
    You've just jumped out of the shower, your getting ready to go out, the sun is shinning in the morning when you get up and you know it's going to be an amazing day.

    Set the clothing:
    Boxers for the men, small panty's or french panty's and g's for the women .

    Set the music:
    One of those crazy tracks, the type you don't hear very often,the type of track you wouldn't want an album by the artist, the sound that just makes you want to go nuts, the track with that special vibe, the specific track that fills you with joy whatever the time of day, the music just simply flows through you as if you were connected to the speakers yourself, where you become the music.

    Set the volume:
    You know your heart is pumping, there's a smile on your face, you don't care what you look like, you don't care that you might annoy the neighbours through the sounds or vibrations…