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Velvet Eden


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Velvet Eden
Un grupo de música en principio darkwave ,pasando luego por rock y volviendo después al electro/industrial.
Pre Velvet Eden :
Live de Kalmia
-En 1989 Kalm un joven compositor empieza su carrera musical en su propio proyecto solista :
KALMIA ,llegando a tener algunos conciertos y lanzando Demos entre ellos el mas conocidoThalimode in the Bedroom …
-En 1995 Dada (Yusuke Goto) un cantante , drag queen y pintor empieza su carrera musical.
Primero como vocalista invitado en el revival demo de Pride of Mind y luego se unió a E-TYP como ID junto con un tecladista llamado Okumori

, lanzando un Demo,DER JUGENFREI TRAUM, que tuvo 2 versiones

Primera Era:

Ningyou Shoukan , Primer Cd
-En Diciembre de 1998 Dada y Kalm se conocen afuera de un estudio y ellos deciden formar VELVET EDEN porque «pensamos que crear nuestras propias canciones era mas fácil que elegirlas» y así fue como Dada como voz/letras y Kalm como Compositor/Teclado/Violin/Programador iniciaron VELVET EDEN .Luego , en marzo de 1999, lanzaron su primer demotape «STREET OF ALICE» autoproducidos bajo ARACHNE , con 4 canciones , dos de ellas luego re-lanzadas en CD, tubieron lives y lanzaron algunos Terekos en los mismos, el 24 de julio de 1999 lanzan su segundo demotape «MADAME TARANTULA» con 2 versiones con portadas distintas , siguieron con los lives, además se les une un guitarrista de soporte llamado Sayuki y en diciembre de 1999 lanzan su primer album bajo Castle Records , «NINGYOU SHOUKAN» con 6 canciones nunca grabadas en estudio , teniendo mucho éxito y apariciones en TV y Revistas , en marzo del 2000 sale a la venta su primer VHS llamado «SAD MASK» con videos de las de los lanzamientos pasados y unas nuevas aun no lanzadas en cd.


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  • Neo-Nebula

    You're right. It was horrible of me to leave that profile picture like that. I didn't know how to change it and I finally found some instructions, but didn't get around to figuring it out yet. (I'm not sure if I can put a butt picture up here for your amusement, so this will do). But at least it wasn't of the people who damaged his hearing and destroyed his work. And he had Canadians back on his friend's list . . . but I hate the Canada drama. I'm just letting people know about the current "drama". I also spoke about it with a friend who teaches English to Japanese people. She agrees with me that Dada likely didn't realize how his post sounded. He was mad at foreign fans, but not ALL foreign fans.

    9 Nov 15:43 Responder
  • Sanctum_

    Oh, and how could you use that gif from the first era as your photo?! OMG You're not a real fan either then!!!!!111 :O (Do you see how ridiculous that little comment was yet?)

    9 Nov 15:23 Responder
  • Sanctum_

    It's Dada who starts the drama. I sure didn't want to start any here, I just wanted to say how I felt, as I've absolutely lost all respect for him and I'm not even a fan anymore. He's made several racist comments, generalizing fans and complaining about them based on where they're from. Oh, and when did the "Evil Canadian" issue he wrote about get resolved? The fans posted to tumblr that he just blocked them right off the bat, and that was all. I've never attacked Dada, and Dada even blocked me, just purely because he acted like a 5 year old over a link I posted of VE live - He thought I was "bias to the old era" just because I mentioned Lilly and Cei. Not that you care anyway. But how is that kind of behavior acceptable from a 43 year old man? Especially from an artist who you've looked up to for years. Who couldn't care less about you? (Meaning his fans generally.) He treats his fans terribly. No wonder this band never gets anywhere.

    9 Nov 15:13 Responder
  • aetyihoetre

    I am not "butthurt" about him blocking me. I would have probably been if I valued his new material as much as his old one though. It's pretty normal to talk about somebody that you don't like anymore when you spent so much time listening to his material and appreciating his art. I don't understand how you could find this remotely surprising. I spoke about his explicitely racist comments in the past, not about him blocking people or him having complications with people from a specific country. (Are you really trying to justify racism ?) Knowing Dada personally doesn't exclude you from being delusional, it actually makes you more prone to it since you have a bigger source of bias. He said "I finished clean up of friend list. Sorry,I apologize for the anxiety I caused" after saying "I will delete many friends at facebook. Because, I got a lot of friends request." He's not explicitly apologizing for his "foreigner comments", this isn't a direct apology.

    9 Nov 5:07 Responder
  • Neo-Nebula

    LOL, says the butthurt person who got blocked for attacking him and talks dirt behind his back. Funny how you talk so much about somebody you don't like. He never blocked Russians, and the Canada issue was complicated and is now resolved (those people scare me!). It's also funny that you tell me not to be delusional as if you know Dada better than me. If you look above at the events, I have seen VE live and have spoken with Dada about 8 times now, along with being friends online with him for almost 4 years. Also, he explained it a little bit online afterward, and even apologized for it today. Not that I really care what you think, I just want people to know the truth. But seeing that people here put that 3rd era picture as the main picture is just an indication that maybe this thread isn't for real VE fans anymore. :(

    8 Nov 16:12 Responder
  • aetyihoetre

    Don't be delusional, racist comments coming from him aren't something new. (Russia/Canada) Its certainly not the first time he's been problematic and childish over an issue.

    7 Nov 19:17 Responder
  • Neo-Nebula

    Dada's English isn't fluent. He didn't mean he hates everybody; it was about specific foreign fans. That's why fans are defending him. Although I was very hurt when I read his post and didn't understand the situation. I don't know why the fans that were saying mean things about Kiwamu and got deleted for it are saying Dada deleted all his foreign fans. That's ridiculous. Most of his FB friends are foreigners, so he wouldn't have many left if that was true. And I completely respect him for taking up for his friend (Kiwamu). That's what friends do. No need for fans to throw those insults out about Kiwamu like that whether they are true or not. Anyway, I hate drama. And I love "Jailed Prince"! What is a mess about it? I think the structure is awesome, and the lyric style is wonderful like many VE songs.

    6 Nov 13:42 Responder
  • Sanctum_

    Might I add that I'm absolutely appalled by Dada's recent facebook post and cannot believe he still has fans defending him and kissing his ass. So cruel.

    3 Nov 15:39 Responder
  • Sanctum_

    It's okay, but it's a mess. :/

    2 Nov 8:02 Responder
  • Neo-Nebula

    I think "Jailed Prince" is really good!

    27 Oct 9:10 Responder
  • Jondesu

    New look is avaliable. Vote for it.

    14 Sep 23:18 Responder
  • Neo-Nebula

    There are also concerts in Osaka and Nagoya on Oct. 2nd and 3rd. I should probably figure out how to post events here, since it's not on here yet for some reason. :P

    14 Sep 11:49 Responder

    I'm not really on board with the remakes other than "la fin" (great new version of that). The new songs however are awesome. Second half of the album is soooo good.

    14 Ago 1:48 Responder
  • DouglasxDouglas

    Platonic Blood was a partnership, but the Kalm's influence is easily recognizable. So I think he should be mentioned (The same about Dada)

    28 May 14:21 Responder
  • Neo-Nebula

    I noticed the crediting being a little odd, too. Yes, Aci did the original "Witch on Flames" and GPK did the remix. But maybe Dada contributed a lot to that final version? All of the versions of "Confession of Mask" have been by Dada, though. And I had thought that "Platonic Blood" was by Dada, but maybe I misunderstood. It seems like there was something else that threw me, but I don't remember what and my CD booklet isn't with me at the moment.

    23 May 13:05 Responder
  • BlamHoney-child

    The sad mask DvD is awesome ♥

    16 May 13:47 Responder
  • Mystique_x-men

    Dada just used a few parts, but the "chorus" is different, other than the "I give myself to the silk"-part.

    3 May 9:16 Responder
  • DouglasxDouglas

    Different enough? I did not notice a great difference

    2 May 22:43 Responder
  • Mystique_x-men

    It's Dada's lyrics (in the demo version), it's different from Kalm's lyrics.

    2 May 20:17 Responder
  • DouglasxDouglas

    It's fun because Dada said he couldn't include original version of Witch on flames (or other songs from Aci), because he no have contact with him anymore, so he have no permission. Btw, I don't have the demotape of Street of Alice, I wonder, lyrics of Silk was cretited? If so, to Dada or Kalm?

    1 May 15:45 Responder
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