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Underwater Tea Party


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An adventurous struck of luck joined the destinies of this Madrid located band, formed by Marti Perarnau (vocals, guitars and synths), Mikel Alberdi (guitars, piano), Irene Bonilla (bass), Clara Martinez (vocals) and Peter Velardo (drums) . A meteoric genesis that launched them directly into the Final of 2005 Demo Project. Only one year later the songs in their first album “Suburban Metronome” lifted them from the underground.

“What Crisis? This Crisis”, the second album from UNDERWATER TEA PARTY, is one of the most heartbreaking collection of songs you can find in Spain…s independent scene. A collection of singles with an outstanding technical polish and a touch from almost every branch of the pop music tree, from Gainsbourg to Stereolab, from Beatles to Delgados, from Pink Floyd to Flaming Lips.

“What Crisis? This Crisis” has implied an evolution to the band in yet so many ways. Their intense live activity has took them to several national and international festivals (Contempopránea, Lemon Pop, Sonorama…) and in concert halls inside and outside their home country, resulting in a more mature, organic, 100% analogic and less pop and more rock sound. A rock sound elaborated with the aid of the same synthesisers their beloved seventies bands used to play – following their own personal moto “get to happiness through the mellotron and the minimoog!”-. In this album it…s the music that points out the emotion but the lyrics include powerful symbols, fiction vs. reality stories, tributes to old heroes and to unknown anonymous characters.


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