Eleven Seven Music
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18 Sep 2007
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12 temas
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    Tema     Duración Oyentes
1 Stay Alive (studio) 3:36 4.138
2 Everything To Lose 4:35 2.454
2 Everything To Lose (Studio) 4:36 3.282
3 Still Frame (Live) 6:54 97
4 Made Of Glass (Live) 4:22 7.491
5 Hollow Man (Live) 5:56 20
6 Stand Up (Live) 4:05 361
7 Skin Deep (Live) 3:43 119
8 Echo (Live) 4:25 1.364
9 Disconnected (Live) 4:40 359
10 Waiting (Live) 4:46 378
11 Headstrong (Live) 5:51 2.319

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  • CnLPetersen

    For all Of those folks that live here in Denver CO. and went to the 1st Infest Bash, Man Please Give me a Hell Yeahhh!! Flying Grass from the way upper Deck. My lady and I heard about the concert on KBPI on our way back to Canyon City,Filped a bitch in Castle rock and we where there. KBPI was doing a promo for free tickets if you show, Well we showed and waited 30-60 mins, I had seen the ticket booth across the way told my Lady just want to see what tickets wheer left and how much. Well We both ended up with AAA21 &22 1 row behind the Mosh Pit. weather about 1pm was looking nice but it poored on the Show so hard at times that they had to hold up the Bands till it lightened up . On our tickets it stated right on them Rain or shine Some really good Local bands play,Trapt,Red, Evans Blue Led the way For God Smack, my first time seeing them & we are close enough to see the color of there eyes,I had the same feeling I had going to my 1st concert, just amplified 10 fold. TY reading the,post

    20 Jun 2011 Responder

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