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  • yourcrowbar

    The lyrics are marvelous. I love the way she sings "switch you on, my friend", with a hint of sorrow/sadness in her voice.

    Mayo 2014
  • deadgrandma

    Cause the you I knew is fading away... how I feel about current Tori

    Enero 2014
  • Furashubakku

    This sounds like a dedication to her keyboards.

    Noviembre 2011
  • marimilen


    Febrero 2011
  • KK2Denver

    How can you go wrong with Tori? =)

    Diciembre 2010
  • _KevMusic_

    Just perfect. And do notice that subtle key change! It's a glorious track.

    Octubre 2010
  • Pierrotclowns

    One of the first that got my attention at the first listen of this album

    Septiembre 2010
  • Mp85aZ

    Damn. This is not cheesy, it's beautiful. [2]

    Febrero 2010
  • digita1gh0st

    I think it goes without saying that I love this song. But I'm going to say it anyway. Oh wait. I just did.

    Octubre 2009
  • alexxdark

    beautiful, great

    Septiembre 2009
  • karolcia_1993

    Cause the you I knew is fading away... <3

    Agosto 2009
  • dominicgeinosky

    I think this may be my favorite song. Ever.

    Agosto 2009
  • Warrior_Bard

    Still love this.

    Julio 2009
  • fstragen


    Abril 2009
  • aetenae

    One of my favorite songs from Tori.

    Enero 2009
  • PandaVamp

    I love so much her voice. Great song!

    Enero 2009
  • Deardeadfriend

    Damn. This is not cheesy, it's beautiful.

    Enero 2009
  • ksdog7

    me too.

    Enero 2009
  • Scarrie_Fairy

    I'm not real anymore.

    Diciembre 2008

    easily one of my top 3 on ADP, so gorgeous

    Octubre 2008
  • rustystake


    Septiembre 2008
  • ohmario

    I don't know about TR - TA relations and Year Zero... what's the story?

    Septiembre 2008
  • HumanNatureBoy

    I love it!!!One of my Favs by Tori

    Agosto 2008
  • earwithfeet

    a lot of people seem to dislike this song. i just don't know why. sends me shivers when she says "take a closer look at what it is that's really haunting you". and this is a superbly beautiful line. i guess this is a song you just have to get driven by...

    Agosto 2008
  • catalystk

    I'm not really into this one. Least fave on the record.

    Agosto 2008
  • psiche0

    this song does create a special atmosphere. Lovely :-)

    Agosto 2008
  • AugustRose86

    Beautiful song.

    Julio 2008
  • Phoenixedd

    It's so strange to listen to lyrics when you know about TR - TA relations and Year Zero.

    Julio 2008
  • absolia

    i don't know what it is about this song but it just reminds me of a song in a musical where the lead is walking down the street after having a row with her boyfriend. it feels so cheesy. not my cup of tea really. oh well.

    Junio 2008
  • _KevMusic_

    Phenomenal. Songs don't really get much better than this one. Musically, notice the modulations! D flat for the first section, to E -> then it goes completely unexpectedly to C!!! and so on. Yet it sounds perfectly natural - Tori is a Goddess, through and through. *The* most relevant artist today. Phenomenal.

    Mayo 2008
  • PinkProgram

    This song almost seems like its about me...

    Abril 2008
  • bleedingicon

    love love love this song. cheesy 80s power ballad done tori style

    Enero 2008
  • mau_medulla

    awesome :~~~~~~~

    Noviembre 2007
  • kalelian

    I've always liked this song, but only now am I really starting to appreciate it. (I heard it live on Thursday night, and just wow.)

    Octubre 2007
  • trrox14

    omg i like the new tori pic. pretty! :)

    Junio 2007
  • icestar87


    Junio 2007
  • beketaten

    i love it so very very much.

    Junio 2007
  • mirume

    Currently my fav Tori song! I'm so glad she returned to this mood.

    Mayo 2007
  • Bayou16

    amazing song!!!

    Mayo 2007
  • x-D-x

    this is the best song on the album hands down. it is such an insperation

    Mayo 2007
  • yourcrowbar

    One of the best songs Tori has written in ages; the best from ADP.

    Mayo 2007
  • luplik


    Mayo 2007
  • Imissmysky

    There're a lot of them.

    Abril 2007
  • Imissmysky

    Aww, this song is so beautiful.

    Abril 2007
  • lesi

    already love it

    Abril 2007
  • Faeerie


    Abril 2007
  • KeitMi


    Abril 2007
  • ohmario

    New favorite

    Abril 2007
  • liquiddatura

    This is Cooling fast as I can.

    Abril 2007
  • Whip-Smart

    one of my favs from whats leaked so far :)

    Abril 2007