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  • filmbernie

    sehr schwach !!

    Agosto 2013
  • SuperSoulRadio


    Enero 2013
  • headey

    If you're getting the wrong artist please shout here :

    Enero 2013
  • gdcman

    The Fresh Version is Great.

    Noviembre 2012
  • Brobbels

    They must have sent their grandmothers.

    Junio 2012
  • funkbrothersfan

    No energy in this poor version

    Mayo 2012
  • supersteveme

    not the original recording Im afraid,its just not happening

    Febrero 2012
  • BlueOclock

    I haven't heard this for a long time....and I'm the richer for it! One of the worst songs that the Supremes ever did!

    Diciembre 2011
  • drambuekid

    class >3

    Diciembre 2011
  • dianabarnett

    this song/record SHOULD NOT be played under the soul/blues category ARGH

    Agosto 2011
  • architect-stamp

    oh wait, i guess i didn't hear this version :P parts sound lil diff. but still great :)

    Mayo 2011
  • architect-stamp

    what other version is there? i always heard this one and loved it.

    Mayo 2011
  • jetgar

    LOVE IT......THANKS JÖRG !!!

    Enero 2011
  • mrsongbird

    60s music the best !

    Diciembre 2010
  • neohiomark

    Did you see the movie?

    Diciembre 2010
  • wildcrazysexy

    Blast from the past................good beat.

    Diciembre 2010
  • Franc20

    Classic Supremes! Not the original! RIP Florence Ballard! Much Love!

    Octubre 2010
  • ladycaroledowns

    Thanks Dave, love it!!

    Agosto 2010
  • corky64

    the best....<3

    Julio 2010
  • ladycaroledowns

    Thankyou Earl, good one!

    Julio 2010
  • 314fletch

    love the supremes. i used to play my moms 45's it brings cool memories

    Junio 2010
  • Retro_Saiyan

    The hit Supremes version (not the bad re-recording) is a wonderfully charming song.

    Junio 2010
  • keysrgood

    awful version

    Junio 2010
  • emeralzluv

    Just makes you wanna do The Bop..smiling

    Mayo 2010
  • lihei

    Their best.........

    Abril 2010
  • bicknor

    Nothing like a good happeing, or so they say. Wonder if they happen now? One never knows.

    Marzo 2010
  • marcy50

    Great group when they were together! Shame they went different ways!

    Marzo 2010
  • petuniababi

    not the original,but this was one of my faves from the Supremes!!!

    Febrero 2010
  • GrizzlyMike

    The Funk Brothers Band back the Supremes for this Movie Theme .

    Enero 2010
  • happygonutty

    not original master - bad remake

    Diciembre 2009
  • Lowbacca


    Diciembre 2009

    a cool tune

    Noviembre 2009
  • asis7

    Love it-Love it

    Octubre 2009
  • oldie60s

    Energetic, gets the blood flowing, happy sound. Flo, Mary and Diana gets it going. I actually like the old music lots better than the music of today.

    Septiembre 2009
  • Marsbaring

    nice song,

    Septiembre 2009
  • tonytriumph

    best girl band of all time ,stil as good today love it

    Agosto 2009
  • bli112

    the boat that rocked will be a kick ass movie!

    Agosto 2009
  • amiracle87

    One of my many Supreme favourites.

    Junio 2009
  • heathertheshrub

    sucj such such an uplifting song, good old flute playing childishly in the background.

    Abril 2009
  • modette111

    love it love it love it!!

    Abril 2009
  • minge1980

    I work in a video store, and when the movie "The Happening" came out, I couldn't get this song out of my head for weeks. Would have been a better movie if this song had played over all the 'suspenseful' scenes!

    Febrero 2009
  • Charade

    pure joy

    Febrero 2009
  • Rissacakes

    I haven't heard this in forever.

    Diciembre 2008
  • blocked-pitbull

    well put together track ! from the birth of stereo !

    Octubre 2008
  • TESTAmusic


    Octubre 2008
  • Druid66

    Love the classic Sixties horns! This is the title song to a film, I think.

    Octubre 2008
  • escaladecinza

    One of them, certainly.

    Julio 2008
  • lihei

    Truly their best ever song.

    Junio 2008