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The Ruins of Beverast


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Esta banda se formó en el año 2003 en Alemania. Tiene un único integrante llamado Alexander von Meilenwald`s.
Los temas principales de sus canciones son: obscuridad y anti cristianismo.


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  • Samoroth

    I've seen them live in 2013 which was my introduction to the band, and I was in fact blown away.

    23 Dic 2:52 Responder
  • etherealbondage

    Has anyone seen Ruins of Beverast live?

    19 Dic 17:45 Responder
  • etherealbondage

    Unlock the Shrine is an excellent album by I wouldn't call it black metal.

    19 Dic 17:44 Responder
  • patisawesome121

    I still think that Unlock the Shrine is one of the greatest BM records of all time. The only album that can top its greatness would be Paracletus, or Fas.

    7 Dic 9:37 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    On the contrary, I like it the most.

    27 Nov 11:46 Responder
  • wicked-mystic

    Actually yeah, it took me while to come that conclusion but I do think Unlock the Shrine, while still good, is definitely the weakest.

    10 Nov 3:31 Responder
  • SlaveOfN1l

    Am I the only one who thinks Unlock the Shrine is the weakest entry in TRoB's discography? Gospel of H.K. is different, but actually rather enjoyable once you sit with it for a bit.

    9 Nov 22:47 Responder
  • majo334

    being quite new to any form of black metal, i listened to The Ruins of Beverast by happenstance and it blew me away. my mouth stood open when i heard 'I Raised This Stone as a Ghastly Memorial', the opener off his album 'Foulest Semen...' ................ these choral vocals are just mesmerizing. can anyone recommend me black metal with similiar choral aspects? (i dont mean symphonic, btw) or maybe another of his albums? thx in advance!

    9 Nov 14:50 Responder
  • Tuberkulloosi

    "someone might call all black metal depressive." kek, probably the majority of people.

    6 Nov 19:32 Responder
  • wholly-mountain

    v actually you should thank TRANSILVANIAN HUNGAAAAARRRR for all depressive black metal ever. and how dare you call this bad, you should feel ashamed.

    3 Nov 19:03 Responder
  • haadeus

    maybe it's just a throw-around tag for everything that is depressingly bad? hell, someone might call all black metal depressive.

    24 Oct 9:18 Responder
  • wicked-mystic

    That tag really gets around, best just ignore it.

    22 Oct 20:28 Responder
  • InEndlessGrief

    Tagged as "Depressive Black Metal"?

    11 Oct 15:38 Responder
  • PestNoir

    Imho: Unlock the Shrine>Rain upon the Impure>Semen>Gospell of H.K.

    5 Oct 14:06 Responder
  • spicegirlsrule

    The only album I find kinda mediocre is the last one. Just doesn't click with me no matter how many times I spin it. The rest of the discog is pretty damn solid.

    26 Sep 5:17 Responder
  • estebanfuego

    All albums are above average.. even Furious Waves, nothing boring in the discography in my opinion, but you could say i'm a fanboy

    13 Sep 13:14 Responder
  • wicked-mystic

    "...never went back to" - If you've only listened to Rain Upon the Impure once and think you have it pegged you're kidding yourself. That album is a grower if ever there was one.

    31 Ago 17:18 Responder
  • Omega_Switch22B

    I agree to some extent... Rain is his only LP that I was underwhelmed by and never went back to. Unlock the Shrine is far superior imo. But then I'm even more partial to Foulest Semen and his following releases, which black metal purists might not be so into but the ritualistic elements of his sound are utterly intoxicating.

    28 Ago 1:30 Responder
  • Ellizabett


    26 Jul 18:53 Responder
  • Jureiko

    Rain is an overhyped bore of epic proportions, and I'm not even talking about the production

    10 Jul 14:04 Responder
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