FREE Polish Ambassador Download - Bearcraft - Honey (The Polish Ambassador)

11 May 2012 | de

I met Dicky Moore awhile back on the interwebs. I remember stumbling upon a couple of his tracks. One was The Werewolf and the other The Omega Point, a track which I can't seem to find at the moment. You may notice that I sampled Dicky's voice in a track off of the Ample Mammal record called The Atmosphere. I think that's the only real clearance I've ever actually got to sample anything. Ha! Anyways, Dicky's a cool chap from the UK, now operating under the moniker Bearcraft. He asked me to do a remix of his new single "Honey." As a galactic diplomat, it's my duty to further strengthen ties with the nation of England, so here you go. It's an indie pop style jam that reminded me of my old school days of production, so I decided to revisit some older chip tune style sounds with that realistic funky bassline. Here's my remix of Bearcraft's Honey. Dicky's EP comes out Monday. Snatch it up! This is the hi res MP3 version. Get FLAC here.

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