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    general_tso's top albums (12 months)
    1. Vic Chesnutt - West of Rome (171) http://img209.imageshack. …
  • Paradigm Shift radio show playlist for 10/4/06

    10 Abr 2006, 8:55 de sebsnarl

    The Paradigm Shift is a weekly radio show presented by Sub Bass Snarl on Sydney radio station 2SER fm 107.3MHz - see for the live web stream!

    It airs Monday nights 2030 hours for 90 minutes (Aussie Eastern Standard Time - GMT+10).

    A show of flashbacks and great new material. Starting with DJ Shadow and DJ Cam's early remix of Air before we head into My Bloody Valentine-style territory with Dextro who has formerly released on Border Community. Then onto some tracks from the amazing new album on Kode9's Hyperdub label from the mysterious Burial. as some other commentators have pointed out, Burial is everything that was to be exciting about dubstep v1.0 (the early years pre DMZ) - the dark, sullen, coldness mashed with the swing and syncopation of the beats. We play two tracks from Burial's album which is out in May and put them up against classics from El-B and early Tempa releases for comparison. Then its on to some Mexican electronica…