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The Devil's Blood


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The Devil´s Blood es una banda holandesa y hacen un rock sicodélico progresivo, pero lo que más controversia genera son sus textos satánicos, que en este tipo de género era algo inexistente.
Impactante la escenografía de estos muchachos salen bañados en sangre en los directos, y por supuesto la de la cantante, que recuerdan a esas imágenes de Cristo crucificado que hay en las iglesias.


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  • XHS207GA

    Brother and sister.

    19 Sep 3:00 Responder
  • Melkor-vala

    Were Farida and Selim married or just siblings.

    19 Sep 2:48 Responder
  • deadmarc

    This has made me fucking sad. Hopefully he is at rest from whatever demons haunted him. Farida - if you ever read it, deepest condolences.

    11 Jul 19:38 Responder
  • ManOfMotley

    It's just like Jarboe went heavy metal <3

    16 Jun 5:49 Responder
  • darkgnome

    SlaveOfN1l: Every time I listen to it I hear brilliance and want to listen to it again. When I do it usually sounds pretty shitty. Sad that it had to go that way.

    13 Jun 10:16 Responder
  • StonedDisciple


    2 Jun 3:51 Responder
  • dcascato

    I never thought I would be that upset. R.I.P.

    4 May 16:35 Responder
  • SlaveOfN1l

    Tabula Rasa sounded like a scattered collection of classic TDB parts that were poorly connected in one long and extended acid trip. Pretty good at the end of the day, but nothing really worth revisiting relative to the brilliance of all their other stuff

    27 Abr 19:50 Responder
  • crystal-magic


    18 Abr 17:48 Responder
  • XHS207GA

    15 Abr 22:21 Responder
  • Tuberkulloosi

    "Psychedelic? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha" listen to Epicentre and you will understand, brahs. R.I.P. Lemouchi. It's such a shame I could never see 'em live.

    30 Mar 15:35 Responder
  • cats_ist_krieg

    Ok, so I watched a few interviews. Suicide, no doubt. K thnx.

    28 Mar 23:37 Responder
  • cats_ist_krieg

    Anyone knows the cause of death?

    27 Mar 22:36 Responder

    "R.I.C" you can't be serious.

    20 Mar 10:20 Responder
  • clarissafonseca This was just posted on Urfaust's facebook page. In Memoriam Selim Lemouchi 1980-2014. Music & Lyrics: Selim Lemouchi / The Devil's Blood. Lettering: Max Rovers. Video: Jérôme Siegelaer. Duration: 22.22

    19 Mar 10:53 Responder
  • Legioona

    jon nödtveidt never wanted your tears.

    18 Mar 14:15 Responder
  • SlaveOfN1l

    What the actual fuck is going on in here?

    18 Mar 2:54 Responder
  • versionfiv

    i will post whatever i want wherever i want. and you and people like you with similar ignorant views have nothing to do with why i do or don't. this isn't a private website, it's open to the public. if you can't deal with that, leave. furthermore, why does what i say affect you so deeply? why do you care? we've never met. strangers shouldn't matter to you because they have no impact on your life whatsoever unless you allow them to. ignore what i say or add me to your block list if you hate what i say so much, and move on if you're so above it. i wasn't even replying to you. i've seen your posts on this website before and all you do here is spew negative crap and contribute nothing. you don't even scrobble music, except for a few bands to boost up your image when you joined. there's no reason for you to be on this website, you don't utilize it for anything but spewing crap and pseudo macho chestpuff B.S... internet tough guys are adorably entertaining.

    12 Mar 20:52 Responder
  • eidole

    v This.

    9 Mar 15:13 Responder
  • WelcomeToHell-

    Nobody gives a shit about your mental health, how many times you've nearly died or anything related to you, so just stop bothering and writing bullshit in every fucking shoutbox. Back to the topic of course, Selim, R.I.C.!

    8 Mar 17:43 Responder
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