• solipsistic NATION No. 143: Fierce!

    29 May 2009, 7:40 de solipsisticast


    Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live set from a musician and showcase a music label that is putting out amazing releases. While this format keeps solipsistic NATION and unique amongst other shows that specialize in electronic music it really doesn’t give me the opportunity to put together mixes of my own. That said, I get very excited whenever I can put together a mix for the show.

    Last week I did a mix of dubstep. I’ve heard it said many times in the past that dubstep is drum and bass slowed down and that inspired me to put together a drum and bass mix for this week’s show.

    Like all other sub genres of electronic music drum and bass comes in a variety of different styles and moods. I was sorely tempted to do a mix of fluid drum and bass for a very sexy and jazzy feel but I decided to go in the opposite direction and play some incredibly fierce drum and bass. …