Thanos Petrelis (Greek; Θάνος Πετρέλης) (born September 27, 1975, in Athens, Greece) is a popular Greek singer of Laiko. He has released four albums in the last four years and several singles.

[edit] Fame Story
From a young age, Petrelis found an interest in music, but never really considered the possibility of pursuing a career as a singer. However, as an amateur, he took part in many live performances from 1998 to 2002, at which point he decided to audition for Greece’s celebrated televised talent show, Fame Story. Petrelis eventually finished third in the competition, behind Notis Christodoulou and Grigoris Petrakos.

From then he became a regular in live appearances across Greece, first with fellow Fame Story contestants and then Peggy Zina, with whom he performed in several concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki during 2003.[1]

[edit] 2004–2006: First albums
In 2004 he released an album of his own, entitled Eihe To Hroma T’ Ouranou. The first track, «To Aima Mou», was written by Phoivos and would become a smash hit. The album sold more than 30,000 copies and went gold.[1]

Petrelis would then release a new album every year for the next three years. The follow-up to Eihe To Hroma T’ Ouranou was another Phoivos collaboration: Thymizeis Kati Apo Ellada, which went platinum. After this album Petrelis became one the biggest star in greek night and leaded many greek clubs (bouzoukia) as a first name.[1]

The following release was a platinum single entitled «Eftihos.»[1] The four songs on the disc were once again written by Phoivos and the title track, «Eftihos», was widely acclaimed.

Cover of «Ksipna Thanasi»
[edit] 2007–present: Eimai Akomi Eleftheros and «Ksipna Thanasi»
2007 gave Petrelis a chance to showcase the range in his voice and showed Phoivos at his creative best, as the two collaborated once more to produce Eimai Akomi Eleftheros. The album included such hits as «Lathos», «Doxa Soi O Theos» «Amam Kai Pos», «Adiorthoti» and «An Den Eiha Ki Esena» and went gold.[2] He also gave a world tour to United States, Australia and South Africa in 2007 and gave a total number of 6 sold out concerts. A few months later, Eimai Akomi Eleftheros was re-released with a DVD.

In June 2008, he traveled to Australia for five sold out concerts. On June 9, 2008, Petrelis released the single «Ksipna Thanasi» (Wake up Thanasi) exclusively on Sfera FM. It was followed by a two track CD single with the original version of the song and one remix, but was also available with the «Germanos Remix» when purchased exclusively through the telecommunications store Germanos. The song is composed by Phoebus and the single went platinum.[3] On Auguest 22, 2008, Petrelis started shows at club THEA along with Nikos Oikonomopoulos and Giorgos Tsalikis until November 1. On November 20, 2008, Petrelis released the song «To Paihnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou» exclusively to Sfera FM, along with a music video, filmed in a Casino, which was released soon after. The song was released to all other radio stations on December 1, 2008. By December, Petrelis released another CD single, this one with four different song all composed by Phoebus. The title track «To Paihnidi Einai Pleon Diko Mou» (The Game is Now Mine) was joined by «Efharisto», «Na Hamogelas», and a new remix of the previously released «Ksipna Thanasi».[4] In January 2009, Petrelis traveled to the USA and Canada for nine sold out concerts.

[edit] Personal life
Thanos Petrelis is married and has two children. On January 5, 2009, Petrelis’ wife gave birth to their second daughter in Athens, Greece.[5]

[edit] Discography

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