Little Creatures

Fecha de lanzamiento
14 Feb 2006
Número de temas
12 temas
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    Tema     Duración Oyentes
1 And She Was (2005 - Remaster) 3:40 1.185
2 Give Me Back My Name 3:19 40.355
3 Creatures of Love 4:13 40.561
4 The Lady Don't Mind 3:57 45.794
5 Perfect World 4:27 35.333
6 Stay Up Late 3:44 59.399
7 Walk It Down 4:44 34.028
8 Television Man 6:11 37.306
9 Road to Nowhere 4:17 227.513
10 Road To Nowhere (Early Version) 4:36 10.085
11 And She Was (Early Version) 3:35 9.576
12 Television Man (Extended Mix) 7:50 9.320

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  • RecurringDreams

    lol @ProgHeimer: you have Ace of Base and Gotye in your top 10 artists, bitch please.

    6 Feb 2013 Responder
  • hijacktheparade

    Pop perfection.

    21 Nov 2012 Responder
  • licoricepizza

    note to oneself: further opinions by progheimer to be taken with a grain of salt.

    11 Oct 2012 Responder
  • phiffie

    Every time I play this album I just imagine the band going "we're going to make a pop album goddammit and it will be good (and fucking hilarious)".

    9 Ago 2012 Responder
  • ProgHeimer

    They never recovered from this horrible collection of miserably boring pop songs. This letdown was a failure of epic proportions. Trouble was, nobody noticed the emperors new clothes and it somehow generated hits. It once and for all destroyed my faith in popular taste and caused severe depression verging on incurable psychosis, for which I may one day sue.

    26 Nov 2011 Responder
  • fredyo9

    sehr gut

    4 Nov 2011 Responder
  • Tarkus10


    10 Sep 2011 Responder
  • MistahJohnson

    Good album, but what happened to the kickass rhythms?

    4 Ago 2011 Responder
  • djgizmoe

    Absolutely stellar album.

    23 Mar 2011 Responder
  • brunogramacho

    this is greeeeeeeeeeeeat

    8 Feb 2011 Responder
  • mackster25

    Good grief, this album is perfection. TH's really hit their stride here. So beautifully constructed and produced, amazing use of instruments, great hooks and Byrne's voice is exceptional.

    8 Nov 2010 Responder
  • BelcantoInTheSp

    Hi all folks, dear Mr. Byrne, Tina and the others of Talking Heads you know ,I have got this LP "Little Creatures" which I bought long time ago...and is my dearest one.....excellent pictures and messages on the front.......

    2 May 2010 Responder
  • alexia_N

    it's probably my 2nd favourite just behind their debut [2] ahaha i know, i didn't get this album until I'd already heard the rest of their albums, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's amazing but I definitely think 77 was better.

    15 Mar 2010 Responder
  • IAJP

    couldn't actually disagree with davidgarside's comment any less...i can't actually see how anyone could not like this album, it's probably my 2nd favourite just behind their for true stories...a good album but not even a PATCH on this..this is as close to being the best talking heads album as it gets, without it actually BEING the best talking heads album..awesome, re-listen and i guarantee you will love it.

    23 Nov 2009 Responder
  • beezplz

    This album has been through road trips, singing at the top of my lungs with my little brother and lots of laughs. I thank my dad for introducing me to the Talking Heads.

    12 Jun 2009 Responder
  • avoid

    everytime i listen to this album it's like i'm listening to it for the first time. goddammit, i fucking love this band.

    18 Mar 2009 Responder
  • tylerstravis

    unfortunately talking heads did stop making amazing music... when they stopped making music.

    15 Mar 2009 Responder
  • kayaksalad

    wow this album is really solid. talking heads never stopped making amazing music!

    25 Feb 2009 Responder
  • davidgarside

    A lightweight disappointment after the brilliance of Speaking in Tongues/Stop Making Sense. They got back on track with True Stories.

    3 Dic 2008 Responder
  • Ghandi-Boy

    It's the back cover. Someone should change this!

    27 Sep 2008 Responder
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