Steve Roach (born 1955 in La Mesa, California) is an American ambient music composer and performer.

His approach to ambient music has typically been beatless, although his rhythmic and trance-based groove and tribal-ambient releases are nearly as numerous as his more atmospheric releases. Some recordings are strictly synthesizer based, whereas some recordings include ambient guitar experiments, and other releases cross over with more ethnic influences.

He was an early proponent of the didgeridoo’s use in ambient music and learned to play it during his extended trips to Australia during the 1980s. Later work with Mexican musician Jorge Reyes would introduce a Prehispanic element, and these fusions would further establish Roach as one of the founders of the tribal-ambient sound.


Moebius, 1979.
Now, Fortuna, 1982.
Traveler, Domino, 1983.
Structures from Silence, Fortuna, 1984.
Quiet Music 1 (cassette), Fortuna, 1986.
Empetus, Fortuna, 1986.
Quiet Music 2 (cassette), Fortuna, 1986.
Quiet Music 3 (cassette), Fortuna, 1986.
Western Spaces (with Kevin Braheny), Fortuna, 1987.
The Leaving Time (with Michael Shrieve), Novus, 1988.
Quiet Music, Fortuna, 1988.
Dreamtime Return (2 discs), Fortuna, 1988.
Stormwarning, Soundquest, Oct. 5 1989. (Live)
Desert Solitaire (with Michael Stearns and Kevin Braheny), Fortuna, 1989.
Strata (with Robert Rich), Hearts of Space, 1990.
Australia: Sound of the Earth (with David Hudson and Sarah Hopkins), Fortuna, 1990.
Forgotten Gods (with Jorge Reyes & Suso Saiz as Suspended Memories), Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso, 1992.
World’s Edge (2 discs), Fortuna, 1992.
Now / Traveler, Fortuna, 1992.
Soma (with Robert Rich), Hearts of Space, 1992.
The Lost Pieces (compilation), Rubicon, 1993.
Ritual Ground (with Elmar Schulte), Silent Records, 1993.
Origins, Fortuna, 1993.
The Dream Circle, Soundquest, 1994.
Earth Island (with Jorge Reyes & Suso Saiz as Suspended Memories), Hearts of Space, 1994.
Artifacts, Fortuna, 1994.
The Dreamer Descends (3-inch CD), Amplexus, 1995.
Kiva (with Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger), Fathom, 1995.
Well of Souls (2 discs), (with Vidna Obmana), Projekt, 1995.
The Magnificent Void, Fathom, 1996.
Halcyon Days (with Stephen Kent and Kenneth Newby), Fathom, 1996.
Cavern of Sirens (with Vidna Obmana), Projekt, 1997.
On This Planet, Fathom, 1997.
Slow Heat, Timeroom Editions, 1998.
Dust to Dust (with Roger King), Projekt, 1998.
Truth & Beauty: The Lost Pieces Volume Two (compilation), Timeroom Editions, 1999.
Atmospheric Conditions, Timeroom Editions, 1999.
Ascension of Shadows (3 discs), (with Vidna Obmana), 1999.
Dreaming… Now, Then: A Retrospective 1982-1997 (2 discs), (compilation), Fortuna, 1999.
Body Electric (with Vir Unis), Projekt, 1999.
Quiet Music: Complete Edition (2 discs), Fortuna, 1999.
Light Fantastic, Fathom, 1999.
Vine ~ Bark & Spore (with Jorge Reyes), Timeroom Editions, 2000.
Early Man (2 discs), Manifold, 2000.
Circles & Artifacts (with Vidna Obmana), The Contemporary Harmonic, 2000.
Live Archive (live), (with Vidna Obmana), Groove Unlimited, 2000.
Midnight Moon, Projekt, 2000.
The Serpent’s Lair (2 discs), (with Byron Metcalf), Projekt, 2000.
Prayers to the Protector (with Thupten Pema Lama), Fortuna, 2000.
Blood Machine (with Vir Unis), Green House Music, 2001.
Time of the Earth, Projekt, 2001.
Core, Timeroom Editions, 2001.
Streams & Currents, Projekt, 2001.
Pure Flow: Timeroom Editions Collection 1 (compilation), Timeroom Editions, 2001.
InnerZone (with Vidna Obmana), Projekt, 2002.
Trance Spirits (with Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp & Momodou Kah), Projekt, 2002.
Day Out of Time (compilation), Timeroom Editions, 2002.
Darkest Before Dawn, Timeroom Editions, 2002.
All is Now (live), (2 discs), Timeroom Editions, 2002.
Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces (4 discs), Projekt, 2003.
Space and Time: An Introduction to the Soundworlds of Steve Roach (compilation), Projekt, 2003.
Texture Maps: The Lost Pieces Vol. 3, Timeroom Editions, 2003.
Life Sequence, Timeroom Editions, 2003.
Spirit Dome (with Vidna Obmana), Projekt, 2004.
Fever Dreams, Projekt, 2004.
Mantram (with Byron Metcalf and Mark Seeling), Projekt, 2004.
Holding the Space: Fever Dreams II, Timeroom Editions, 2004.
Places Beyond: The Lost Pieces Vol. 4, Timeroom Editions, 2004.
Possible Planet, Timeroom Editions, 2005.
New Life Dreaming, Timeroom Editions, 2005.
Immersion: One, Projekt, 2006.
Terraform (with Loren Nerell), Soleilmoon 2006.
Proof Positive, Timeroom Editions, 2006.
Kairos: The Meeting of Time and Destiny (DVD + CD), Timeroom Visions, 2006.
Storm Surge: Steve Roach Live at NEARfest, NEARfest Records, 2006.
Immersion: Two, Projekt, 2006.
Fever Dreams III, Timeroom Editions, 2007.
Immersion: Three (3 discs), Projekt, 2007.
Arc Of Passion (live), (2 discs), Projekt, 2008.
A Deeper Silence, Timeroom Editions, 2008.

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