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  • sl8221958

    Best Genesis album never made. ;D [2] ... and one of my fave all-time records. Very cinematic!

    Mayo 2014
  • pingywings


    Agosto 2013
  • PhoenixBloom


    Abril 2013
  • roldki

    love it

    Agosto 2012
  • Wildebrand

    I love how one or two guitar licks (one from the end of "Ace of Wands" and the other from "Hands of the Priestess (Part 2)") keep appearing across the album.

    Septiembre 2011
  • AvantWalrus

    I can totally understand zxcv1212's comment here, this album is pure adventure. Listened to this several times a day when I first bought it, drifting away in my own imagination.

    Mayo 2011
  • SuperTomer

    My favourite album

    Marzo 2010
  • silversan17


    Febrero 2010
  • zxcv1212

    Steve is one of those musical artists that make your imagination go wild. his music to me always makes me feel as if I have armor on. And I am sitting at the round table with King Aurther...... lol...has a great soothing sound just to drift off and escape day to day bussle...

    Diciembre 2009
  • armandojf

    Muito bom,eu não conhecia o seu trabalho.

    Septiembre 2009
  • boho65

    Niesamowite - slucham tego i slucham, ciagle niedosyt...

    Febrero 2009
  • julian1997

    Steveh Hackett = cool our good

    Febrero 2009
  • tournebroche

    L ame de Genesis

    Enero 2009
  • maaviin

    better then all albums of genesis

    Julio 2008
  • DukesTravels

    Best Genesis album never made. ;D

    Marzo 2008
  • spidrwegian

    My elder brothers had many albums which in later life I've hankered after. This is one of the best of those alongside Fragile by Yes

    Marzo 2007
  • mdpappas

    Great album or greatest album ever?

    Febrero 2007