• baš da vidim II

    15 Ene 2012, 19:05 de azeleah

  • And The Ass Saw The Angel

    6 Feb 2009, 8:28 de Ulgan

    I really dig Nick Cave as a singer, musician and above all, lyricist. That's why I was quite interested in what his book And The Ass Saw The Angel would be like. I was not to be disappointed: it was a sick fucking book.

    If there is a book that well and truly represent everything I dig about -music, it is this book. It's got everything good miserable music has: bible thumpin' zealous christian fanatics and preachermen, righteousness, downfall, divine wrath, insanity, alcoholism, degenerate and bloodthirsty dogs, drugs, hatred, murder, violence, God, Satan, decay, torment, pain, bloodshed, death, depression, drunkards, hookers, blood and rain. And much more. It's a delightfully and sickeningly twisted take on Americana as only Nick Cave can do it; similar to many of his lyrics with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but exploring those same depths with far more detail.

    The book loses some of its momentum towards the latter half when things start evolving…
  • 2008 purchases

    11 Dic 2008, 21:16 de cogsturning

    i wish this list was bigger but ive been poor as fuck. next year is looking even worse.

    Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
    Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones
    Tom Waits- Franks Wild Years
    Tom Waits - Orphans
    Sons of Perdition - The Kingdom is on Fire
    The Denver Gentlemen - Introducing..
    Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 - Murder and The Art of The Dance
    Cornelius - Fantasma
    Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - Then You Live
    Flipron - Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelities
    Jill Tracy - Bittersweet Constrain
    The Hellblinki Sextet - A Pirate Broadcast
    Tom Hagerman - The Breakfast Playground
    The Bad Things - Vaudeville Show
    Worrytrain - destroy the wall street sundial
    The Scarring Party - come away from the light
    堀内孝雄 - あいつが死んだ晩
    勝手にしやがれ - Then Summer Came OST
    勝手にしやがれ - My Life...
    湯川潮音 - 灰色とわたし
    RCサクセション - Blue
    たま - Best Selection
    たま - しょぼたま2
  • “That Flawless Night Sky” or…

    19 Nov 2008, 18:34 de eyeofsaulot

    Music Suitable to be the Soundtrack to Stargazing and Imagined Space Travel

    Quoted from my previous journal of this nature:
    With all of these “greatest *insert genre here*” lists being posted all over Last.fm, I thought I might try something a little different; something that would get people thinking about broadening their horizons, while still allowing them to hear the same kind of music they enjoy listening to, in terms of mood and tone.

    These are all very atmospheric albums that convey to their listeners the imagery of the void of space, whether the lyrics (if there are any) actually reflect that imagery or not. These albums will instill a sense of darkness as well as enlightenment and you’ll find yourself answering the beckon call of those glimmering stars and planets…

    On a late-night stroll, you come upon a soft, grassy hill. You decide to stop for a while and lie at the top of it, face up, arms comfortably placed behind your head. …
  • Third Annual.

    14 Oct 2008, 20:03 de jessichaos

    Step 1: Open up whatever you use to listen to music and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 5: Bold the songs that someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    01. "As the gringos block the roads inside your head."
    02. "We find the teeth among the keys and turn them into traffic."
    03. "Our step mom, we did everything to hate her."
    04. "Look who's pulling up outside, with a trunk full of fun and a European ride."
    05. "She looked me over and I guess she thought I was all right."
    06. "If you need some fun, some good stereo gum."
    07. "Knocky Parker told Bowlegged Sal they all know how to kick it in Cal."
    08. "I've been to Nagasaki, Hiroshima too."