Ride Wid Us (3:33)

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Oi, ain?t that mega Roof down, wait, with a fucking afro comb in his head Wait wait, that?s mega, in a TT, He?s fucking dizzy blud, why me? Wait a minute, from down my ends, blinging, Fucking dizzy blud [Mega] What did I do to deserve this shit? Why? I need to know but I know They think we?ve lost it They think we ain?t clocking the streets no more I can hear you speaking But I can hear you whispering, I can hear you, my souls can hear you. But anyone that knows me, You know I was born to do this. This is my life, and still you?re fucking with me Telling you niggas, talking bout? you wanna blaze me. I am prepared for you, So niggas wanna fuck with me or Check one of my chicks when there not with me or Talk about my shit when I go on a tour or Fuck with my clique, yeh I target score board Wait there?s more or Chop up my shit prepare to die die Walk on bye why? Hits for the clips when they Rollin? by I tell you why, Hate all my cliques till we?re going sky high So solid, yeh we?re hotting to this, but don?t miss Check this and we?re top of the list So solid, yeh we?re starting the shit, we said we did it We?re done and you?re full of it yo Scuse love back in channel club, you never wanna give me a hug Listen, there you were, wanna give me some more Cus? im at the bar But back in the day you never fucking see what I saw The house cost 3 years two million g?s The next time you?re comparing me, Check what you never did, believe in me. Fuck you and your 2 faced crew, Check 1 that?s right we ain?t begging for none And tonight you support everything we do Check 2 yo, see its midnight too So solid crew there?re on radio 1 But you?re there and we can talk to the girls and screw Check 4, right, I will rap the door, bring more Check 3, that?s right you won?t see me, But you will hear my voice, anywhere u will see Don?t fink Mega ain?t been there before. Check 5, yo, who?s up in the snow? [Chorus] Ride wid us, ride ride [x8] [Tiger S] Do you wanna ride wit us, We won?t stop till you?ve had enough. Do you wanna ride wit us, Show, show, show us nuff love. We won?t stop till you?ve had enough Do you wanna cruise wit us Do you wanna ride wid us, So solid?s bound to take over. [x2] [Mega] It?s getting closer now, Mega it?s over now. People are saying that Mega is there, but, Cus? I?ve got a lot of shit to risk, you hear this? Can you hear me now? Cus? when I smoked before, you ignored, people would hear me out Never feel the same thing Why the fuck you wanna try your luck and move to me, It?s so easy, to pull out your gat, Rat a tat tat tat Lay 3 niggas on their back You do that fuckin easy The hard part, don?t whine like a dark part Don?t pull out your gat fast; don?t drive in an A-class Your too fuckin fast you don?t know, take it easy Life is loveable, I picture this scene, I?m comfortable Tell them, so?. Now let me tell you something, no 2 ways about it [Chorus x8] [Tiger S] Do you wanna ride wit us, We won?t stop till you?ve had enough. Do you wanna ride wit us, Show, show, show us nuff love. Do you wanna cruise wit us We won?t stop till you?ve had enough So solid?s bound to take over. [x2] Do you wanna ride wid us, The teaching is over so tell me what your gonna do, Get with So Solid, or if not good luck to you. [Thanks to snoopman_uk@hotmail.com for these lyrics]

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