• Dream Pop, &c.

    3 Jun 2006, 19:46 de Efbe

    I used to think I didn't like slow, dreamy, overly soft and abstract tunes, and I guess I don't, really. Not in general. But to every rule, there is an exception, and in my case there are quite a few.

    Many songs by Slowdive are worth listening to again and again. Especially Machine Gun and When the Sun Hits.

    Another one of my semi-dreamy favourites is Cosmic Country Noir. I didn't discover Stereolab properly until maybe two or three months ago, and yet I've owned McCarthy's brilliant best of album for almost a year and listened to Red Sleeping Beauty nearly every day for two years.

    I wish I could describe what it is I like about a certain type of music, or what it sounds like in general, but alas, I can't. I don't understand music; I've never even got the hang of the basics, which instruments are which, how they compliment each other and how all of them are essential in creating a certain sound. It's like weaving threads into a carpet to create a pattern, although more mysterious and surreal. …
  • Rainy forests and Mississippi.

    27 May 2006, 13:45 de Aerandir

    Ok, I turned 17 yesterday and my first day as a seventeeen year old officially sucks. I've got nothing to do. I'm sitting in my bed feeling sorry for myself. Could might as well write something here. A little something about what I'm listening to atm.

    Sophie Rimheden, especially seek. It makes me think of a forest. Or wet grass in a forest. Or whatever, nature. What I'm trying to say is that I love the track.

    Richie Hawtin a bit. Got hold of DE9: Transitions and it's pretty good. I like minimal techno.

    Robert Johnson. I got this album called Martin Scorsese Presents Robert Johnson from my uncle yesterday, but I've managed to listen to the whole album 3 or 4 times already. I love bluuuuues.

    Ride. I've only got one thing to say:
    Leave them all behind. (From the album Going Blank Again).

    Slowdive. It's hard to live without listening to the Souvlaki album once in a while.

    The Radio Dept.. Mostly the Pulling our Weight EP.

  • slowdive inspires

    22 May 2006, 3:23 de dbradfield

    I only had the opportunity to see Slowdive live once. They are a band that have inspired me since the first time I listened to Just for a Day. There was something and about this album. When Souvlaki was released, this album deepend my love for their music. I saw them live when this album was released at Lee's Palace in Toronto. What an incredible live band! I loved them in studio for their qualities. But live, they had an edge that surprised me. The of the music came to life with a new energy that make my hair stand on end. For anyone that knows me, that's saying something! It was exciting and inspiring.

    I was supposed to see slowdive live a couple of years earlier, opening for Ride, but I seem to recall they didn't have the cash to make the trip, so Chapterhouse opened instead. I could be wrong on this one though. That must have been more than 10 years ago.

    There are few bands that I've seen recently that share the same dynamic. Two bands that come close are Sigur Rós and M83. …
  • Let's face it - Pandora sucks.

    19 May 2006, 3:59 de moonlitkitty

    I didn't really want to do another Pandora thread, but I just did another experiment that proves even when you tweak it, it's a pile of crap. And I didn't want to just tack my results on to the bottom of my last thread. <- This is a continuation of that thread and I made a lot of points in there, so please read that if you're interested in this discussion before you add anything. If you're someone who wants to be heard without bothering to read someone else's thoughts, just start your own thread.

    One point that is always brought up about 'refining' Pandora is using the thumbs up and thumbs down options. But, if it is fundamentally flawed, then so is this option. It doesn't know why I hate that song. It doesn't know that it's because Hootie is an idiot. Will it think that I don't like that song because I hate a vocal-centric aesthetic, major key tonalities, etc? Is it then not playing me stuff I like that fits that bill?

    The second is what was brought up at the end of my last entry…

    18 May 2006, 20:03 de Croooow

    Recently, I acquired the SPIFC upgrade of The Smashing Pumpkins' MACHINA II. It sounds tremendously better than the copy I already had which I presume must have been taken from the Q101 rip.

    I really like the album itself; I'm not just obsessing over sound quality. ;-) Somehow it's opened me to greater appreciation of the Smashing Pumpkins music in general. Much of their music has a noisy ambience reminiscent of one of my favorite bands, The Gathering. Yet it can also be laidback or muted sort of like Slowdive.
  • depressing music pt.ii

    17 May 2006, 15:36 de uncertainsmile

    Some people may recall I did an article about "the most depressing albums of all time", and a large amount of discussion was had on the board about the inclusions and exclusions.

    Well, after a while for reconsideration and thought, here we have "The Depressing Albums List Mark 2!"

    A Silver Mt. Zion - Horses In The Sky
    Alice in Chains - Alice In Chains
    Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit
    Arab Strap - Philophobia
    Beck - Sea Change
    Blur - The Great Escape
    David Bowie - Low
    David Bowie - "Heroes"
    Jeff Buckley - Sketches... For My Sweetheart The Drunk
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads
    Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll
    Codeine - The White Birch
    Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen
    Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love And Hate
    Cranes - Self-Non-Self
    The Cure - Faith
    The Cure - Pornography
    The Delgados - Hate
    Depeche Mode - Black Celebration
    Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
    Nick Drake - Pink Moon
    Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F#A#oo
  • post-rock, whatever

    16 May 2006, 2:48 de ralphotskie

    lately, my player has been constantly blaring post-rock tunes, particularly those from Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros (staple nowadays???), and Mogwai. plus the usual regular dosage of some good ol' shoegaze from MBV, All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors and Slowdive.

    the new band we're forming will play both (post-rock/shoegaze, that is). we've successfully covered Mono's lost snow, although we had to trim it down to around 9 minutes (from the original 15+ minutes!).

    jeff, our drummer (also of Kiko Machine), kicks ass. plakado kagad yung mga transitions of lost snow... making the rehearsal easier. can't wait for the next one.

    so i'm soaking myself in those aforementioned bands to help inspire me in coming up with new songs. lately, i've been either too busy (or lazy, whichever comes first) to pick up my guitar and play. mahirap talaga maging ulirang ama. at maging addict sa RPG (damn you, suikoden V! hehehe).

    syet! inaamag na tuloy yung pedalboard ko. damn it!

  • lots of things to do....

    14 May 2006, 10:44 de Pecteuw

    which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
    The Chameleons and Joy Division

    what was the last song you listened to?
    Boards of Canada - Alpha & Omega

    what's in your cd player right now?
    Jaga Jazzist - The Stix

    what's your favorite local band/group?

    what was the last show you attended?
    Grails at the Rhâââlovely festival

    what was the greatest show you've ever been to?
    Shows that were really moving me at the time were those from Slowdive somewhere in 1993/1994, Explosions in the Sky and Do Make Say Think in 2001. Recent shows: Robotobibok and Charlottefield

    what's the shittiest show you've ever been to?
    There are lots of them, but probably The Fall in Paradiso somewhere in 2001.... Guess it would be lots better when Mark E. Smith wouldn't have been there...

    what's the most musically involved you have ever been?
    I play guitar and trumpet in the Dutch band Sennen en sometimes play trumpet in the Dutch band Lushus

  • absent friend

    2 May 2006, 0:40 de arielstorm

    chief complaint: suffers from pre-nostalgia and spends hours sewing together little soundtracks for the rooms which i haven't left. even suffers from post-dated nostalgia for the people who left my life without me mourning the very moment of their departure when it was most apt. i need to try to dispel this heavy air of self-indulgent moroseness and channel my impoverishment into something else genuinely constructive. this is not a sad song. this is desire, this is longing...

    1.Absent Friend
    do you remember the river? and the rain. and your reflection in the water in the dark of the night. the last time we went to Home. when song left to find a job in japan i felt a panic because it seemed as if that if he was no longer here with us then that night in front of factorytown could never happen again. i like to delude myself that everything is possible, everything could happen once again, even when i dont want it all to repeat. because where would be the magic in that then? the preciousness i so desire...
  • How has your music taste changed?

    25 Abr 2006, 14:12 de Teja

    I can't say that mine has changed much really, just that everyday I discover more and more bands.

    First it was:

    Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, and The Verve (Mainly, with more artists)

    At one point I found Sigur Ros, though I can't recall how, all I know is that I love Ageatis Byrijun!


    With the help of sites like Yahoo Music (Hah, now that I think about it... I wonder what I was thinking when using it) I discovered more britpop bands:

    Manic Street Preachers, Suede, Muse, Blur, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand and too many to mention here I guess.

    But a bit before it, I discovered the magic of Shoegaze with bands like:

    The Verve, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, The Boo Radleys, cocteau twin, Ride, Slowdive

    I'm still crazy for Shoegaze I guess. Just can't get enough of it!

    At the moment, it's been a bit of indie pop here and there, though I'm not too crazy about it. But lots of indie though, I'm in love with: The Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah