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  • snoball32

    Love this song....gets me every time

    Enero 2014
  • OrdealByFire

    This song's awesome. One of their best.

    Septiembre 2013
  • DeathNoteAddict

    This is nice :]

    Octubre 2012
  • siriusthinking

    Totally forgot how awesome this song is.

    Mayo 2012
  • Nettiy9

    I am so in love with them. I can listen to them all day long, every day, and it never gets old!!!

    Julio 2011
  • 75JANNI

    Kraftvoll, emotionsgeladen und leidenschaftlich...ich liebe diesen lädt zum Träumen ein!

    Mayo 2011
  • AneezMom


    Marzo 2011
  • jamikay78

    Beautiful tune.

    Enero 2011
  • yoyofanatic

    Their voices when put together harmonize really well + Good song tooo!!!

    Noviembre 2010
  • miamigirlie

    Septiembre 2010
  • C_Strabala

    First time I've ever heard of this group & song. Amazingly tight harmonies.

    Abril 2010
  • mattsoball

    For the ones that we let get away...

    Diciembre 2009
  • sara52788

    just fell in love with this song

    Diciembre 2009
  • juanjokm19

    is the firsth time i listen this song and is awesome fantastic and amazing

    Septiembre 2009
  • tut0101

    Such a beautiful song, love it

    Agosto 2009
  • kryptical1

    Fantastic band. I love that they can infuse so much emotion into their sound.

    Julio 2009
  • Musikfreak1000

    schönes Lied. Die kannte ich bis jetzt noch nicht.

    Junio 2009
  • nymphest_


    Junio 2009

    I love this's awesome!!!!!

    Enero 2009
  • angiewulala

    I hope I never have to experience something like this.......

    Enero 2009
  • maeferg74

    Love this came out shortly before I watched a man I had loved marry another. Very real and heartfelt lyrics, and sung beautifully.

    Enero 2009
  • lonelilyrain

    One of my all time favorites..

    Enero 2009
  • Cordyn

    this song resonates with me on a very emotional level...beautiful...~sniffle~

    Diciembre 2008
  • lissawork

    I also LOVE the last 30+ seconds of the song.... I always turn up the sound really loud so I can hear it better. Beautiful.

    Diciembre 2008
  • lissawork

    classic!!!!!!!! I agree herrsolera, this can be a real sad song if you're not in the mood... Sometimes I have to skip. lol

    Diciembre 2008
  • jojojacks

    They are so good i love every one of their tunes but this is a real heart felt number - love it!!!

    Noviembre 2008
  • herrsolera

    Yeah, this is a tearjerker. A bad song to listen to when sad, lonely, heartbroken or any of the above..

    Noviembre 2008
  • Almosthip

    verry cool

    Noviembre 2008
  • mrbutthead

    Love it

    Octubre 2008
  • lflucena

    Cool songs...

    Octubre 2008
  • SpaceRanger414

    Sister Hazel at their best.

    Septiembre 2008
  • Lillrum

    nanananananana lalalalala shit

    Agosto 2008
  • notmyownafetion

    well i love this song and yep thats pretty much it keep it sicklepod:-)

    Junio 2008
  • sylphie_elphie

    Probably my favorite SH song :)

    Mayo 2008
  • s26hedgehog

    Favorite. Band. Ever.

    Marzo 2008
  • Fiekus

    Great song

    Marzo 2008