• Godspeed's Last Show(?)

    31 Mar 2011, 1:05 de mrspandex

    Tue 29 Mar – Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sick Llama
    The Magestic was packed with hipsters, and the $5 beers were a-flowing. Sick Llama played one absolutely terrible song that brought everyone together in shared hatred. We applauded because it was over.

    Then, to the droning bass of The Dead Flag Blues, Godspeed You! Black Emperor members slowly started to appear. No words. No beat. The cacophony slowly built into something big and terrible before bursting into some sort of an organized explosion. And when it burnt itself out and returned to the chaos from which it came, the crowd was in awe. This was the real deal.

    They faced each other, not the crowd. I presume this was to keep some order in the seemingly random noise. We were just witnesses to a unique and beautiful creation. Time expanded to fit the music, as the band built up and tore down what seemed like at most 5 more songs. Each was too long to be memorized, but my memory is stained by the violin in Terrible Canyons of Static with fires ablaze in the background…