• My favourite 111 songs of 2008

    1 Ene 2009, 19:30 de SonischJong

    The last days of the year... for yours sincerely, it means re-listening to all the music released during the year that I've grown to love. The music which soundtracked my life. And trying desperately to put them in the right order - never entirely possible, but as I've been doing it on a weekly basis ever since my eleventh year on Earth, I'm sort of trained. And every year I curse myself for dedicating so much time on something which is only really relevant to me. A list with an order which is purely subjective means zilch to anyone else, but hey, other people spend days on Christmas dinner preperations and hundreds of euros on fireworks. Things that seem silly in my eyes. So here goes, a couple of charts with music which will take me back to 2008 whenever I look back at them. And I hope some of you will enjoy glancing over them, and perhaps even discover some new music to form the soundtrack of your life in 2009.
    (Shame - although probably just for me - I could not find the time to do my annual Favourite 20 Sleeves…