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  • lovemedestroyer

    More people should listen to Shane's old band Pretty Violet Stain. They really were pretty special.

    Noviembre 2012
  • rachelstarship

    I heard 'Whistling Cannonballs' feat. Paul Kelly on the Country Channel a few weeks ago. It was beautiful. One of the first songs I've bought on iTunes in a long time.

    Abril 2012
  • musicpan

    i love your music

    Septiembre 2011
  • DiSTANToblivion

    How isn't this guy more well known??

    Julio 2010
  • strajnic

    The truth about Shane is spreading around the world! He deserves it!

    Agosto 2009
  • scott_sea

    He is amazing. Something very Neil Finnesque about him (and that is a very big compliment!)

    Julio 2009
  • Deepspace_

    Hi Shane, Mirko here. Great to see you're still writing beautiful music.

    Agosto 2007
  • MindDistorter

    I sincerely hope the former frontman for Pretty Violet Stain is not best known for being Kasey Chambers' husband ...

    Julio 2006