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Self Defense Family


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  • CleanLungs

    "Scotland" out soon, can't wait.

    16 Jul 14:09 Responder
  • wickidwim

    new shit homies

    3 May 11:34 Responder
  • Flashkaboom

    all the dumb cops they get what they want

    10 Abr 2:30 Responder
  • Flashkaboom

    all the dumb cocks they get what they want

    10 Abr 2:30 Responder
  • Flashkaboom

    all the dumb cunts they get what they want

    10 Abr 2:29 Responder
  • colderskin

    That doesn't really mean anything. They're good tho.

    8 Abr 13:18 Responder
  • Flashkaboom

    this band is the future of music

    18 Mar 19:39 Responder
  • wickidwim

    new shit homies

    2 Mar 0:11 Responder
  • rightangles

    I like it a lot. If you come to Minneapolis I'll gladly be the only person at your show.

    27 Feb 1:20 Responder
  • Rightofheresy

    New album is phenomenal, Interviews are great too! I really enjoyed em. This will definately be this band's magnum opus or whatever that lame term is. Whatever, been a fan for years and this is kind of what i've been waiting to hear from them !

    24 Feb 7:57 Responder
  • colderskin

    if you don't like it, fine; that's a preference thing. But to slam the dudes and say they just shouldn't have included the interviews is only caring about you, the listener, and not the artist, who felt them to be necessary.

    18 Feb 13:43 Responder

    To quote the linear notes with regards to the interviews - "Enjoy or don't".

    15 Feb 18:32 Responder
  • Zantera

    The thing is that the interviews got pretty dull though. I sat through both of them two times or so, and there's no desire in me whatsoever to hear them again. But I also believe in hearing the album as it's intended to be heard, and so it becomes this taint on the whole album almost. But with that said, musically I didn't love the music that much. Probably one of the weaker Deathwish albums I've heard :(

    15 Feb 11:02 Responder
  • Sosen

    "not trying to act holier than thou" lol... Try again. "I'd like to hear the art as intended" My whole point was that the way it's arranged on Spotify is not the way it was intended.

    15 Feb 6:04 Responder
  • colderskin

    not trying to act holier than thou, but I listened through the whole lp including the interviews in one sitting and didn't even consider skipping a track. I'd like to hear the art as intended, not in some diluted form that I want to deal with because I'm a big baby and need to be constantly highly stimulated at all times.

    13 Feb 13:52 Responder
  • Sosen

    @anladrift: "The interviews are on a separate LP." That makes WAY more sense than the way it's arranged on Spotify: Music, interview part 1, more music, interview part 2. I think Spotify is entirely to blame for my dissatisfaction with this album!

    12 Feb 12:06 Responder
  • denniseckersley

    If you feel the need to categorize this record, you've missed it.

    7 Feb 0:50 Responder
  • anIadrift

    The interviews are on a separate LP. It's kind of common sense though that anyone who attempts to listen to them in the digital track listing by the time Aletta starts your attention span, patience, whatever is gone. The interviews are there because Pat's words alone don't do her story justice. I cannot imagine either way listening to both in one sitting, You're talking almost 90 min of time for the album. The interviews are supplementary and while important I don't think SDF intended listeners to sit and listen for that long. this side story to hear once or twice that really gives the album even more character. And if you don't likem because "they're not what an album is supposed to be" then you contribute to everything that's wrong with music, mainly ritualization in music scenes. The band does its own thing and they as do I get a kick out of anyone saying their form of expression isn't "right" like it says on the layout ENJOY OR NOT it's that simple

    6 Feb 18:07 Responder
  • Sosen

    It's not that the two Angelique tracks are a violation of the traditions of the album; for me, it's a violation of aesthetics. It's so jarring, in such an unpleasant way - like when you think you're about to listen to an album on Itunes without knowing you have shuffle turned on. I can imagine it working on an album with a more avant-garde approach to music, but this is pretty straightforward post-punk. It just doesn't work for me. I still plan on setting aside the 40 minutes some day, though.

    2 Feb 4:13 Responder
  • xRLx

    If anyone is selling their clear version of the new LP for a reasonable price, I'd be interested

    28 Ene 10:32 Responder
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