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Say Anything


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Es una banda nacida en Los Angeles, California, U.S. la cual combina el género Indie con el Rock y
algunos tintes de Emo. Cuentan con cuatro albumes de estudio los cuales ya los han consagrado
a lo largo de su carrera:
Baseball: An Album by Sayanything - 2001
…Is a Real Boy - 2004
In Defense of the Genre - 2007
Say Anything - 2009
Ademas de cuatro EPs:
Junior Varsity - 2000
In Your Dreams - 2001
Menorah/Majora - 2002
For Sale Tour EP - 2004

Y siete singles, cinco videos musicales y catorce compilaciones.
Los únicos miembros que estan desde la formación del grupo y se han conservado hasta ahora son Max Bemis (vocales) y Coby Linder (bateria, percusión, segunda voz).
Jake y Jeff Turner (guitarras) Alex Kent (bajo) Parker Case (piano, guitarra) actualmente también integran la banda.


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  • OMGeno

    max bepis

    12 Jul 16:08 Responder
  • linabouvier

    there are some really great songs on the new album. nibble nibble is so mentally disturbing which is a fantastic thing in music. i love that max refers to his older work in a lot of the songs. musically, i feel like this album sounds a lot like IDOTG. i love hebrews so far.

    20 Jun 22:39 Responder
  • imorale

    Photos from their show at Emo's in Austin:

    19 Jun 3:54 Responder
  • Dramedy

    This albums is him basically saying we'll never get another Is A Real Boy and that's a damn shame.. I'm one of the people he wrote this album about lol. I still think IARB is a masterpiece but damn it sucks that Max was struggling in his life during that time because that album is fucking beautiful.

    17 Jun 0:05 Responder
  • MrDaniel_UK

    Better than AMD. There's some decent early tracks but it drops off hard during the second half and there's still so many cheesy moments and unfortunate guest spots. Wish he would find something other than his critics to sing about.

    16 Jun 17:27 Responder
  • trvecore

    Hebrews is p good considering how shitty anarchy was. Bands don't typically recover from trainwrecks like that; atleast enough to make a semi-decent album.

    16 Jun 10:38 Responder
  • irvyk

    Too much Sherri Dupree

    15 Jun 14:08 Responder
  • PistolPeteMatty

    I think the new album might be their worst yet. Tried too hard to be different and just ended up a total mess.

    14 Jun 23:45 Responder
  • Dramedy

    Just found out about Hebrews this morning...where have I been? Anyways listening now on Spotify.

    8 Jun 15:59 Responder
  • hayleydimmick

    I love Hebrews so much.

    8 Jun 3:57 Responder
  • seejaydeja


    8 Jun 1:10 Responder
  • pingpongrac

    I didn't really like the new album after my first listen, but it has grown on me so much after giving it some (actually, a lot) more of my time. It's probably my third favourite album of 2014 right now, behind The Hotelier's "Home, Like Noplace Is There" and Modern Baseball's "You're Gonna Miss It All." Also, IARB > S/T > Hebrews = IDOTG > AMD > Baseball

    7 Jun 21:17 Responder
  • bobo9390

    New album is interesting. I'm going to need a few listens to let it sink in.

    6 Jun 19:42 Responder
  • nathanmorais

    Hebrews is incredible.

    6 Jun 1:42 Responder
  • R-Mac

    Say Anything goes fun. eh?

    5 Jun 23:04 Responder
  • CPwn

    this album is actually really good. is the rest of the discog similar or quite different?

    5 Jun 17:24 Responder
  • QuietThings430

    @BrosephMcBrah feel the same way, it all works really well when you listen to the album from start to finish. That being said, the Los Campesinos! guest spot is underwhelming as hell.

    5 Jun 2:55 Responder
  • Jamesismynamo

    better than new Taking Back Sunday

    4 Jun 14:07 Responder
  • BrosephMcBrah

    I was really worried this was going to suck hard, since most of the singles' production value was terribly terrible. But I'm actually enjoying this quite a bit. Thank jesus.

    4 Jun 5:07 Responder
  • QuietThings430

    Oh man thank the Basedgod that Hebrews is good. I didn't think I could handle another record as bad as A,MD.

    4 Jun 2:41 Responder
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