The Best Of Times (5:32)

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It's been a long and lonely trip but I'm glad I took it, 'cause it was well worth it got to read a couple books and do some research before I reached my verdict. Never thought that I was perfect, always thought that I had a purpose I used to wonder if I'd live to see my first kiss. The most difficult thing that I did was recite my own words that I service realizin' the person I was addressin' prolly wasn't lookin' down from heaven, or cookin' up somethin' in hell's kitchen tryin' listen in or eavesdrop from some other demention. I'm self serving jus like this is. Conviently religous on Easter Sunday, and on Christmas. The televison went from being a babysitter to a mistress. Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance so we just stay distant and never touch now all we do is text too much. I don't remember much from my youth maybe my memory is repressed or I just spent too much time wondering if I'd live to have sex. I fell in love for the first time in fourth grade but didn't have the courage to talk to her. In eighth grade I wrote the note and slipped in somebody elses locker. Considered killin' myself 'cause of that. It was a big deal, it was a blown cover. It was over for me my goose was cooked, stick a fork in me the jig is up. Blew my chances the rest is history our future is torn to sunder. It became abundantly clear I was only brought here to suffer.
At least I didn't include my name. Thankfully I wrote the whole note in code and it had 10 layers of scotch tape safety seal making it impossible to open.
Plus it was set to self destruct whoever read it probably died laughing. I wonder if they lived long enough to realize what happened.
A year later I came to understand that wasn't love that I was feeling for her, I had someone else to obsess over I was older I was very mature. I forged my time signature while practicing my parents autograph because I was failing math. Disconnected the phone when I thought the teacher would call my home.

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