• A tribute album that doesn't blow?

    2 Jun 2006, 8:44 de VeryProudofYa

    Yes, it's true. I recently ordered "Go Cat Go: A Tribute to the Stray Cats"

    Now, as most of you already know, most tribute albums tend to gobble up cocks like some kind of strange, cock devouring vaccuum of some kind. But I looked at the line-up and the songs being covered and I decided to gamble my dollar.

    I came away a winner.

    None of the songs are TERRIBLE and many are quite excellent. 3 of the top tracks are
    "9 Lives" performed by the Koffin Kats. The vocals are just so supremely ace and I often have to change my pants after hearing this track. The guitarwork and other instrumentation are adequate.

    "Runaway Boys" by Rezurex is one that just might surpass the original. The track is so solidthat if it were a house, there wouldn't be a natural disaster that could knock it down.

    "Storm the Embassy (2005)" by the Rocketz is another great track. I might like it so much because I adore the initial version, but I stand
    by it.