Europe Week One

18 Ene 2012 | de

Stockholm, Sweden 1/14/12 I did a lot of thinking at this show. As I stood in the middle of a crowd made up of 2,000 screaming Swedish fans I thought back to the first show that the boys ever played six years ago on new years eve in David’s basement. I thought about the first tour in a van dubbed “brownstar” that had no seats and a wicked exhaust leak. I thought about me singing songs at shows because the clubs wouldn’t give drink tickets to non-band members. I thought about playing to three people in a bar in Alameda, California that had used sex toys in the vending machine. I thought about all the cat piss drenched couches, concrete floors and sidewalks we’ve slept on. The thousands of hours we’ve spent driving from one side of the U.S. to the other and joking about “when we go to Europe” never actually thinking it would happen. I though about how proud, excited and happy I was of the four boys on stage giving it everything they got and I started to tear up.
Then I thought maybe after twenty hours of travel, thirty hours without sleep and a couple beers is not the best time to be thinking about this.

Oslo, Norway 1/15/12
I tell ya, it going to be tough doing the blog on this tour for two reasons. 1) Who the fuck wants to sit on a computer for hours when you have shit like this to go look at:
And 2) The entire base of this blog is me making fun of the environment around me. In the U.S. it’s easy because, well, it’s the U.S., our idea of culture is reality TV shows about obese thirteen-year-old mothers who are proud to be both. Over here, you can’t walk a block without running into something that makes your jaw drop. Even the shitters require some sort of thought:
After a couple hours even my camera was like “Fuck you, this is the old country, I’m only shooting in black and white.”
Copenhagen, Denmark 1/16/12
If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that some of the worst ideas are also the best ideas. Take for example deciding to wonder the streets of a strange city at three AM after ingesting a few million beers. If we hadn’t done that we wouldn’t have gone to that crazy bar with the girls dancing on the tables. We probably wouldn’t have met the guy with the prison tattoos on his face who got madder and madder about the plot line of the movie Blow. Even though no one was talking about the movie with him. We wouldn’t have got to see the world’s biggest bong:
Or seen this awesomely misplaced signage:
Aarhus, Denmark 1/17/12
The flip side to the story above as that I also wouldn’t have woken up feeling like a garbage truck ran me over, backed up, dumped all the trash on to my face, the driver then got out, doused the mound with jet fuel, lit it on fire, ate some asparagus and tried to pee said fire out.


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