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  • harukopalmer

    Description by Ben Cooper : "And for some general info: All Is Well is from the point of view of a man (Jonathan Northcoat is the actual character name, if you wanna get detailed) as he's bleeding out in the bedroom. The fuzzy sounds were supposed to be the equivalent of his blurring vision as he's trying to reassure his fiance that he's fine, whom he had run away with. The second part (goodbye, goodbye) is from the point of view of the fiance dealing with the aftermath once he passes. In the end she burns the house down and leaves. I think the rest is pretty easy to pick up from the lyrics."

    Febrero 2013
  • Toukey

    This song has grown on me since day one. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful piece. I'm always saying this, but thank you Ben Cooper.

    Enero 2012